Sunday, January 31, 2016

Do you understand my Accent ?

We all have accents whether its Indian, French, English, American, Australian or Chinese. Some might sound funny, while some might sound amazing. I wouldn't like to discriminate or categories any accents here but through my experience and travels i have noticed that many people often try to copy the American or the British English. Whenever i meet these kind of people i usually give them a roll eye or make fun of them. People who fake an accent are usually victims of bullying because Its natural for anyone to understand that he/she is faking an accent and trying to be someone that they are not. I'm sure everyone in this world have met that one person in their life who tries to fake an accent and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 
I always question myself; Why do people try to fake an accent ? for me this is as equal to someone who is trying to bleach his/her skin color. I'm an Indian and i have an accent too but when i moved to Europe the most common question that Europeans asked me was "How can you speak good English ?" and then i have to tell them the whole story over and over again about how i learnt English in India. So here i am explaining it again that in my school our teachers always thought us to speak in neutral English. Let me explain you what neutral English means, *This is where neutralizing the accent comes into play. You learn to speak not the American or the British English, but the right way to speak the English language. You shed all your typical Indian or Regional  pronunciations and learn to speak English that is neutral and easily understandable. Drop the tune of your native tongue & reduce the rate of speech.
When i moved to Europe i was so happy, because i believed everyone in Europe spoke brilliant English and i would improve the way i speak but my dreams came crashing down when i experienced the reality. No offense but most of the Europeans don't speak English apart from the UK and i was so proud of my country because most of the Indians speak and read English. I also know that some accents may sound funny to people who never met someone from a different continent.
 Let me share you my experience.... 
Being an Indian living in Europe, I was sometimes made fun of because of the way i speak in English. I may not be grammatically correct or speak like the English scholars but I'm confident that i can hold a conversation well and i can speak more languages than any of those idiots who try to put me down. Infact so far I've always laughed at people who made fun of my accent because the person who tries to put me down could never construct a grammatically correct sentence LOL. I totally adore all the accents in the world whether its Chinese, British, American, Indian, Pakistani or African because i might not understand them but it does bring a smile on my face; afterall variety if the spice of life.  
I'm definitely not the best person to judge someones English or accent but my job makes me meet alot of people from around the world and believe me people don't like someone who has fake accent. If you notice Big corporate companies always hire immigrants who speak regional languages and speak neutral English because its easy to understand them and adds human touch to any conversation. and not sound like a Robot. 
So remember, be proud and confident when you speak in your regional accent or attempt to speak in Neutral English. You are more talented then anyone out there who cannot speak more than one language. 
Cheers x

Im Back Peeps

Sorry for turning invisible for more than a year but Im Back and thank you for your lovely comments and the million views .. watch the space for more ;)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Reality check: #IndiasDaughter #BBCdocumentary

I'm emotionally disturbed with BBCs latest documentary #Indiasdaughter , the only graphic content in the whole documentary were the lawyers.   The two words that best describe these low life lawyers are Mysogynistic assholes. I have immense respect for the victims parents for their courage and strength to speak about the whole event. I just couldn't stop my tears whenever they showed the victims mother, god shouldn't let any Mother or family go through such an un curable pain in their life. God bless the family and give them strength to recover from such a heavy loss. I feel that Indian government are in a mood to ban everything in india and I think they should stop wasting their time banning this documentary and should punish the monsters ASAP. Indian government should invest their power and time to educate the people and try to change the uncivilised mentality against women rights, they should also give the women the freedom they require and protect them with tougher laws against abuse. When will the world realise that Women are not born just to cook and clean but in reality they are as equally strong as men, they are the one who created this world by absorbing the pain while giving birth to a baby and if given a choice, they are also equally strong to raise a child without a man. Thank you BBC and RIP Jyoti... I'm sure even heaven cried when you lost your fight against the monsters on earth. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The quote of the day:

My quote of the day : 

Spirituality is a consciousness of our mind where we can stay connected to something much better than ourself in order to seek peace, prosperity and TRUE LOVE. 
                        -------- Karan upadhya