Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barclays Party

In the Elevator Nat's , Me & Lorna For a Good Cause RED CARPET Liplockliscious Really Gone Wrong
Nads & ME In Peace
AT-TI-TUDE Dignified , with Nats & Moretto
Doing The Ball------eehhhhhhhh Elevator Part -2
With nats , Satya & Duggu
My Dance Teacher Abhi-----jeet
Black Sunday
Certified Brats In the Trance
My Fav Rapper Rohit feat. Karan [ soon ]
Spot On .... Abhi , Lorna , Me & Nads
The Smile to Die for
ME & The Warrior [ bodybuilder ] Imran
Clive, Stuffed Santosh & ME Barclays Champs
Orbit Dental White Works
Dancing , Dancing , Dancing & Simply Dancing
PARTYING IN HIGH SPIRITS The Guru with hotties
Barclay's Party for Direct Channel .............

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Amit S said...

hey nice pics karan....