Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family ... by {AaRoN / KaRaN}

Family ... by {AaRoN / KaRaN}
Everybody knowsFriends come and go,
But family is thereTo love and care.
When life gets you down,
Just listen to the sound
Of your Mother's sweet voice
Filled with love and rejoice.
When you need to be kept in line,
There comes a time
When your Father comes along
To teach you right from wrong.
When you need some advice
And you need it precise,
Your Sister is there
To listen and share.
When you get scared,
No need to be prepared.
Your Younger Sister appears
And rescues you from your fears.
You sometimes letYourself forget
The family that is there
And how they are so rare.
So please remember,
Families are forever.
You don't know how long.
You'll have 'em till they're gone.
[ family stands whenever ur in touble ]


Anonymous said...

really love it


Anonymous said...

so true so true so true .... but its too late for me to realise