Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Morning Rain :)) [ AaRoN / KaRaN ]

In the morning,
when i woke up
Drops of water hit my window
When i looked out it was raining throughout
And to welcome rain
People were coming out
Children were enjoying shower on the path way
But it was pity, the hut of poor-men washed away
While looking out with a nice cup of tea,
I was recalling my past beautiful memory.
When I looked up at sky,
I felt that It was crying,
Like my heart cries,
missing everyone i like
And suddenly my mood changes.
After I again looked up on the sky
A beautiful smily, colourful rainbow
that was peeping from my window
And everything is now washed and clean
Looking now beautiful,nice and green


Anonymous said...

LOve the poem .... hugss

Anonymous said...

i wanna get wet in the rain , love ur poem