Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I don't really know what to say you piss me off when you do these things I tried to give you a better day I wish I could fly away, I wish I had wings so tell me, what's it gonna be can you tell me, him or me? what does he have that I don't? what can he do that I won't? we tried to work it out when we try that, you always shout so what's the point in us talking when everything we say is shocking?? so did you make your choice to leave? all I can say is you are so stupid if you go, there is one thing you should know you are the one that wanted to let go so go ahead leave now break your every vow just don't forget those things you said to me and just think of how perfect we could be if you decide to stay I will walk away no point in waiting for you because of the stupid things you do!


Anonymous said...

i hate my boy friend

Anonymous said...

dedicated to my friends .. they piss me off

Anonymous said...

too gud !