Sunday, August 24, 2008

Without my best friend

What happened? Remember when we were the best of friends?

I do.I remember the long talks on the phone

Everyday on the weekend spent together

Never having anyone say one name without the other

Going everywhere with each other

Doing everything together

Knowing each other better than ourselves

But then you decide to hurt me like I never thought possible

You always think it's me, but you were the one that hurt me

I am just so tried of all the things you find to get mad about

I'm not going to try to explain what happened because knowing you; you won't listen to anything I have to say

How could you think I would do something like that?

I thought you knew me, but I guess not

Nothing would have happened if you never decided to do what you did

You were the only one I trusted in life

I told you everything

Now I can't trust anyone

My heart is closed and will take a lot to be opened again

I want to talk to you the way we did before

I have cried over this too much and now I'm just mad

I wish you never did what you did

But at night all I think about is all the good times we have had

And I think to myself this is the end of our friendship

It hurts me so much to think like that, but I have to now

I loved you like a friend, a best friend, a brother

I just want you to realize that you were at wrong, but I know you won't And that's why we can't be friends

I want you to remember the night I made you dance

You cried and told me everything people did

I told you everything will be alright

I was there for you

I just can't get over how you are going to believe people who lied to you the most

And not believe your Friend

It just scares me how much I try and sometimes knowing nothing will work

If you just try then maybe we can be friends

But until then I have to go on life living like I have never lived before

Without my best friend!


Anonymous said...

sheeshh getting me goose bums ... seriously the poem is awsome .. i miss my best friend so much

Anonymous said...

Your really creative ... love this one

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is nice !