Monday, September 15, 2008

Ganpati Festival and Immersion 2008

GANPATI FESTIVAL & IMMERSION 2008 .... even after Red Alert in Bombay Due to the Delhi Bomb Blast, the spirits of bombay is still High ... Thumbs Up Mumbaikars .......
I did Cruise around bombay and trust me It was Fun .......

The heavy rains during ganpati immersion

MORE PICTURES TO COME .....................

Photographs by :- Bhakti Desai & Karan

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apple IPHONE not the Smartphone

Apple launching APPLE IPHONE 3G is that worth buying>?
what I have noticed in India is that when it comes to gadgets Apple is one of the most expensive brands ... Purchases of apple products brings about a mojor dipp in ones bank balance thus proving to be very uneconomical ..... coz u tend to buy more and more stuff interconnected to it, so that you can let your expensive toy work more efficiently .... Not only is it in relation to their laptops, desktops, the world famous IPOD its even with the new so called SMARPHONE or The APPLE IPHONE. I wont beat around the bushes; but when i saw the features i noticed that the Iphone or so called SMATRPHONE lacks basic features missing "The most important" ......
A Good camera :- it just has a 2MP camera? Umm, hello, WTF?! other Brands already has a 2MP camera....and it's over 3 years old! Brands now are on 5MP and its no chance I'm going to downgrade.
1) We cannot copy and paste information around The Smart phone? A very logical use, ignored again. Coz probably APPLE must be releasing some other toy where you can simply copy and paste loll......
2) We cannot send contact and calender events to others? probably its a breach of security.
3) We cannot store files other than music, video, and photos? that includes messages with attachments. 16GB of space on a phone? For what? so that You can only carry entertainment files!
4) We cannot text photos? Others seem to with great ease with their Dumb brand phones, but we can't with the SMART IPHONE.
5) IPhone lacks keyboard or headphone support (for music listening) sad for the ones who wish to optimize their experience with wireless peripherals. I would imagine dialing by feel would be ridiculously hard, especially when u want to make a really Urgent call to someone [ can you imagine 8-0 ] .
6) Apple also missed out on enabling video camera support, another common-place feature on even low-end.
7) We cannot print over WiFi? again 16GB of space on a phone? For what?
8) What is really disappointing about the Iphone is the non replaceable li-ion battery.
9) The people who can afford it (Business men/women) don't want it (no outlook). The people who want it (college students and medium wage families) can't afford it.
10) IPHONE lacks voice recording.
11) Dosent have Bluetooth to transfer files to someone else. Such an Important Feature.
Now coming to the most important part Its worth 32,000 rs, [ for GUD LOOKS , Advertising & Brand name ] now do you really think its worth buying....... I wouldn't know if "iPhone wins" when compared to other phones until properly released, and people can get their hands on them? cause really your just speculating & introspecting, and any number of unknown problems could surface to prove that the iphone is nothing but utter shit. Which is the opinion I Certainly hold right now.

........... reviews by Karan & Natalie fernandes