Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holy Family High School

One of The Most Intelligent Student of Holy Family
" Hands in Harmony To Build A Better Holy Family "
& " loyalty Through Service " Its such a beautiful saying.
How can I ever forget my School, One of the best times of my life and the step towards my success is also Because of THE School that I was in........ I've always been Proud of my School. My Teachers, Principles, Friends, My Achievements, Sports, Arts, Fun so many things to cherish about ...... I Miss my school so much. I can never forget the Beautiful memories i had in the school ..... and I want to Thank Everyone there who Helped and Took care of Me. ........
Satellite View of my school click this Link :-
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Holy Family High School
Holy Family High School, Opp Nelco, Chakala, Chakala M.I.D.C., Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093 022 26873702‎

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