Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tying A Scarf [ The Best Accessory for Winter ]

As winter comes, warm clothes are out of our closet and nothing better than "SCARFS "can make a better accessory.... But The question of how to wear a scarf you just purchased or Have often is a difficult Task.? Tying scarves is not as hard as it looks, and various attractive scarf tying techniques are rather easy to learn. Try these Techniques and Stay Warm ;-) ......
Hollywood Knot
Step 1
Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 2
Step 2
Place the scarf around your neck; situating it so that one end is about two inches longer (A) than the other end (B).
Step 3 Cross A over B and let it pass through B so that a sort of hoop is formed.
Step 4 Let A pass through it again and bring it down facing forward
Step 5 Adjust your scarf by straightening the front part (A).
Step 6 Your Hollywood knot is ready!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- European Loop
Step 1 Fold the scarf according to the basic fold 3 and then fold it again to form a sort of hoop Step 2 Let the scarf dangle around your neck with the hoop on one side of the shoulder.
Step 3 Take the other end (A) and bring it towards the hoop.
Step 4 Let A pass through the hoop to make a European loop.
Step 5 Tighten the loop to get the complete effect.

Celebrity Style:

The Master of STYLE ........ Johnny Depp

Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake & Pete Wentz.

Some Tricks that I Tried With The Scarf:

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