Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mumbai on a roll - Peace Rally

The angered Citizens of the city look to find their own solutions through protest marches and citizen initiatives. Angry, frustrated and hoping for action, We Mumbaikars & Whole of India these days have just one thing on their mind. Anger against the political class is growing following the terror attacks and the only way to let out these pent up emotions is by using them constructively. Today, as we complete a week after terror attacks devastated Mumbai, the youth and the experienced of the city are getting together with protest marches, peace rallies and citizen initiatives.

The Gateway of India is going to be the converging point for the more than 1,00,000 citizens today, Wednesday the 3rd 08, with various groups & individuals gathering there at 6 pm. This is to rebuild the failed infrastructure through their movement, One Spirit. One Mumbai.

Wearing Black or White color clothes [ mourning color ] will also be a small act for protesting against the Terrorism.

Peace To All The People who has Suffered & has been a Victim of Terrorism....

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