Friday, December 12, 2008

Nirvana Cafe Karunesh

"Nirvana Cafe" by Karunesh has variety of sounds and moods of Music. "Nirvana Cafe" is the perfect Lounge Typo Album. Some of the tracks are quiet Smooth & Meditative, but others bring in strong bass and percussion, [ so do keep the Volume Cranked Up !]. I love the songs and i even love to hit the "replay" button on my Ipod all the time. Very beautiful, soothing, and Smooth with Asian influences and I love the flute work. All of the tracks are really good - those mentioned below with (*)'s are my favorites, but there really are no weak spots. Very highly recommended for any New Age lover. Try it Especially when You have a tough week, fixing a cup of hot tea / Ice Tea [ If you don't drink Tea like Me ] and relaxing back with Beautiful Memories ...perfect background sounds! Thank you, Karunesh...

1. Dazzled By The Light *****

2. Chuang Tzu's Dream *****

3. Blessings Rain *****

4. Sapphire *****

5. The Conversation

6. Revelry

7. Follow Your Heart *****

8. Stargazing

9. Keeper Of Mystery *****

10. The Peace Within

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