Friday, January 30, 2009

Album to Buy - The Veronicas - Hook Me Up

Album to Buy The Veronicas - Hook Me Up .....

1) "Untouched" *****

2) "Hook Me Up" *******

3) "This Is How It Feels" *******

4) "This Love" ****

5) "I Can't Stay Away" ****

6) "Take Me on the Floor" ******

7) "I Don't Wanna Wait" ****

8) "Popular" ******

9) "Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)" *****

10) "Someone Wake Me Up" *****

11) "All I Have" ****

12) "In Another Life" *****

Bonus Track

13) "Goodbye to You" ******

Hook Me Up is the second studio album by Australian band The Veronicas. The album shows a new direction of music for the duo — exploring a new electro-pop sound. The album debuted on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart at number two and has since been certified double platinum by ARIA.[1] The singles released from the album were successful with the first single "Hook Me Up" becoming a number-one hit in Australia, the second single "Untouched" peaking at number two on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart and the third and fourth singles, "This Love", and "Take Me on the Floor" reaching the top ten. The fifth single "Popular" has peaked at #11 on the Australian Airplay Chart. The album nominated The Veronicas for three awards at the 2008 ARIA Awards including; "Highest Selling Album", "Highest Selling Single" and "Best Pop Release".

A Album Worth Buying ..........

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Must Watch Movie - Slumdog Millionaire

Must Watch Movie - Slumdog Millionaire
A Must watched movie, Saw this movie and i feel its really emotional as it has shown a part of Bombay [ Mumbai ] and India, which we have'nt seen at all.... very good direction, editing and acting - especially by the kids. But the adult actors just didn't seem to carry the weight of the harrowing back story.
I'm Surprised with the talented work of Danny Boyle on how he actually well linked the movie with the questions asked in the Game [ who wants to be a millionaire ]; KUDOS to him . Slumdog Millionaire’ is a film you could forget that it features orphans, slaughter, organised crime, poverty, enslavement and police brutality. The romance? Fear not, It’s fabulous icing & The Accent of some Actors will really make you laugh. Phone a friend and tell them not to miss it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day:
"Mistakes In life should be absolved, coz the next step i believe is improvement"
------ karan upadhya

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Most Awaited Wedding Of The Year Diana and Yashwin

This was simply a dream wedding, i must say WEDDING OF THE YEAR, The venue was awsome. The music, the food and the format of the wedding was a HIT and as time past it was getting freezing cold ..... Congrats Diana & Yashwin have a Happy Married Life....
The Welcome, the first walk on the Red Carpet, cake cutting and the FIRST DANCE ....
Relative, Friends, Cuzins n Me who really Enjoyed the Wedding Cheers...