Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The meeting with Kylie [ pages from my diary ]

Pages From my Diary : Sometimes it so happens that you can barely explain about anything and so the best way to Explain about it is by Writting.
The meeting with Kylie has Fozen my Mind & have got me so restless that I can't explaing my Feelings. Alright, i know it is'nt a big deal for others to meet an Celebrity, But what if that Person [Celebrity] is one of your favourites & suddenly you realise that the Virtual Being you love is right in front of you. Damn, that's a moment to remember. I simply go GAGA in such situations and especially when someone who is super famous " International Star ".
It was an Promotional event for the movie BLUE & a surprise party for the Beautiful, Elegant & Vivacious Kylie. The theme for the night was Blue so the entire set up was Blue. It reminded me of Water 'coz i was thirsty after hunting for the hidden Hotel. We encountered some Flawless celebrities like Kabir Bedi with his daughter [ oops misunderstood his GIRL FRIEND ], some khan families & some of the Bollywoods Who's who. The fun part of the night was meeting friends, hunting the hidden Hotels, drooling at the sleek and smooth Luxury Car's, Beautiful Girls & how can i forget the Spotlight of the Night "Kylie". The sad part of the night was when i realised that I Could'nt take my Camera inside the venue, but When i heard Kylie's Arrival from couple of my Friends ............ for a surprise i didnt run to see her hahaha. Its 'coz they were just hounded by media n camera Flashes. I remember a Frustrated short media reporter come running towards me in surprise and asked me what's more now & i was like " See it for youself ". She just said wish i had worn higher Heels and we laughed at each other. I could get a glimpse of Akshay Kumar but was hunting for Kylie not realising she was so ... i mean so Tiny. We then went to the Banquet so called the Conference Room for that day. There was sand on the ground which made it so uncomfortable to stand, the other sad part was that we all had to stand and were finding a best place to get a perfect view of Kylie. The Music began .... kudos for Music it was amazing but quite Thunderous, 'coz i was just next to the speakers. One bang and i could hear nothing but the Music and Shake. No one followed the Theme besides Akshay Kumar and few guests including my Friends & me. I Loved Akshay's Shirt. Press Conference Started n it was so funny [ their accent, grammer, repeated senseless questions & debate ] reminded me of the part when Anil kapoor says " You're watching Sum dog Mileo nhair ". I enjoyed the Night also ' coz I had many acquaintainces to Chit Chat with, that includes the Lady who was engrossed in listening to what the Celebs were talking about and writing the Important key words, then the other lady who was busy recording the interview in her laptop, then MR. Prahlad Kakkar a.k.a the ad guru talking n discussing about the senseless questions and laughing on it with my friend n me. The acquaintainces go on n on..... Sori to interrupt here but Isha Sherwani is really Beautiful .... we friends had some photo session too. The next best part after Kylie was the Free Food n wine. It was a Night To remember.
But honestly i wont deny the fact that Kylie was'nt an important part for me, But the other most important part for the night was meeting n spending time with my Best Friends & acquaintainces and they are the reason who simply made this night to Remember.
want to even Thank my Best Friend Briggs A.K.A Sidh For making me a part of the awsome Night.
I wanna yell now [ 'coz i met kylie minogue ]
----- Karan Upadhya
--------- Karan Upadhya.

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ur soo lucky to meet Kylie Minogueeeeeee.