Monday, April 20, 2009

The Biggest O.C fan Ever

What a coincidence, i was buying some stuff and i found this guy selling Movie Cd's n i don't know what made me ask him for THE O.C seasons, n this guy instantly gave me a collection of season 1-3. I couldn't take that surprise and I lost control on myself. I couldn't stop starring at those Cd's. I was hooked on it & felt as if it was a piece of my Dream come true as I always wanted The O.C in my CD collection and i was craving for the season 1-4, But without much discussion i bought the CD'S [ music mention : The only Cd's which were available with him ]. I really can't wait for the 4th season which I've already requested him. Now I'm gonna break the record of watchin The O.C continuously. I Can't stop myslef n I've gotta say this:
" YIPPIEEEEEEEEE! "Atlastttttttttttt Ive Got the 3 Seasons of THE O.C, Cant wait for the Last season in my collection, Yippieeeeee".
hah satisfied.
wish there would be no END to this set com ever.
P.S : My life is very much similar to Seth [ Adam Brody ].

Quote for the day

Quote for the Day :

"Don't really Care what Anybody Thinks or Say, Haters will Die, Let's Get Crazy Tonight, Im Already Loosing Control"

----------- karan upadhya

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter is always celebrated with your love ones n i agree. This was One of the Best Easter's i ever had n will never forget it. I definetely must have broken the record for laughing more than 28 hrs ...... [ probably ] and thats the result of the most funny and amazing people i was with, it made the place really lively. How can i forget to mention the beautiful Orchid Ecotel Hotel & their yummy Food, The magnificient Huge Center piece, Good service. Love the chocolates which were kept for decoration, the huge chocolate bunnies which i wanted to eat but couldnt dare as we already had enough of sweets in our plate. Even after such a beautiful day, I missed Lorna she would have been a master blaster for the evening, but my lil mama will make it for the next outing, n i cant wait for it ..... for now im just scared for my results [ praying i should pass ].

Saturday, April 11, 2009

After exams event

Thought my Exams would never end, but it did at last. But quickly after the exams i went to hakone in powai for a wild celebration. Its a small game parlour or must say a mini amusement park for kiddies. This is one of the fun time i had since my exams, n must say im impressed with the Lalit, the guy who drew that tattoo for me, n will never forget the bump cars with nats, it reminded me of fast and the hilarious 'n' Tokyo bang. Nats you can really drive well, but i will never sit with u ever. [ thinking of the swollen leg ] . How can i forget to mention the frog and that cobra games that we played, that was again a painful fun, especially after beating the frog with our wrist. But glad that we earned some gifts and at last need to mention Colombian cafe. Love the eateries, the ambiance, it was nice and refreshing. Some Random pics of the fun time ........