Saturday, April 11, 2009

After exams event

Thought my Exams would never end, but it did at last. But quickly after the exams i went to hakone in powai for a wild celebration. Its a small game parlour or must say a mini amusement park for kiddies. This is one of the fun time i had since my exams, n must say im impressed with the Lalit, the guy who drew that tattoo for me, n will never forget the bump cars with nats, it reminded me of fast and the hilarious 'n' Tokyo bang. Nats you can really drive well, but i will never sit with u ever. [ thinking of the swollen leg ] . How can i forget to mention the frog and that cobra games that we played, that was again a painful fun, especially after beating the frog with our wrist. But glad that we earned some gifts and at last need to mention Colombian cafe. Love the eateries, the ambiance, it was nice and refreshing. Some Random pics of the fun time ........

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