Monday, April 20, 2009

The Biggest O.C fan Ever

What a coincidence, i was buying some stuff and i found this guy selling Movie Cd's n i don't know what made me ask him for THE O.C seasons, n this guy instantly gave me a collection of season 1-3. I couldn't take that surprise and I lost control on myself. I couldn't stop starring at those Cd's. I was hooked on it & felt as if it was a piece of my Dream come true as I always wanted The O.C in my CD collection and i was craving for the season 1-4, But without much discussion i bought the CD'S [ music mention : The only Cd's which were available with him ]. I really can't wait for the 4th season which I've already requested him. Now I'm gonna break the record of watchin The O.C continuously. I Can't stop myslef n I've gotta say this:
" YIPPIEEEEEEEEE! "Atlastttttttttttt Ive Got the 3 Seasons of THE O.C, Cant wait for the Last season in my collection, Yippieeeeee".
hah satisfied.
wish there would be no END to this set com ever.
P.S : My life is very much similar to Seth [ Adam Brody ].

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