Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter is always celebrated with your love ones n i agree. This was One of the Best Easter's i ever had n will never forget it. I definetely must have broken the record for laughing more than 28 hrs ...... [ probably ] and thats the result of the most funny and amazing people i was with, it made the place really lively. How can i forget to mention the beautiful Orchid Ecotel Hotel & their yummy Food, The magnificient Huge Center piece, Good service. Love the chocolates which were kept for decoration, the huge chocolate bunnies which i wanted to eat but couldnt dare as we already had enough of sweets in our plate. Even after such a beautiful day, I missed Lorna she would have been a master blaster for the evening, but my lil mama will make it for the next outing, n i cant wait for it ..... for now im just scared for my results [ praying i should pass ].

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