Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Quote of the Day

The Quote Of The Day:
"I Don't belong to this world, so please Let me Go. Let me fly Away n Stay Happy in my own World. I Don't want to pile up mountain's of Pain. "
------------- Karan Upadhya.

Rani Bakery Treat

Sometimes, somethings in Life is Just Unforgetful n will always remain a cute memory. Some days ago after the hectic work schedule My Friends n me needed a REFRESHER, so we went to this place called RANI BAKERY [ sori for the bakery name, god alone knows what was the name] , n the only thing i remember is the LAUGHS ....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Does Beauty Really Matter?

Do Beauty really matter ?... I get Pissed when someone goes on n on with the way they look. There's No doubt that majority of people around us wants a change in life, But Its absurd when someone says that they want to look like somebody else, my question is " How can you not love yourself.?".

It's a fact that Humans are never contented, But lately Humans have become so greedy n retarded that they have crossed the level of satisfaction. People think that transforming themself or changing themself by Cosmetic surgery, Botox, Beauty products, Skin Surgeries etc.. can make them look Beautiful. They think that its the In thing in the Society n easy way to Gain Success [ such SICK thoughts ]. There are so many people who are suffering from different problems, but nothing in this world stops them. Why do people think about what others will say or Do rather than believing themself. People want to change themself so much that they have forgotten what they really want. You cannot really be like someone else, can you? here I'm referring not only to the celebrities or super models but also to those people who are tagged as the Attractive people. Have you'll forgotten everyone is Beautiful as everyone has their own Charm n Qualities. Believe me in reality the most Attractive or Beautiful person feels insecure on the way they look. We all have criticised others on the way they look, Haven't we?. I know that we humans r never contented and satisfied in life, but we are going insane when it comes up to Beauty. When we watch T.V or browse thru Newspaper or magazines we often see these flawless models n perfectly curved celebrities or models, but we all know its not real. We also know the pain they have to go thru. Sometimes in desperation of seeking good looks they reach depravity & might even turn up looking like Michael Jackson. [ scary isnt it?]. What's the point of changing yourself when you know its Dangerous. In this world everybody is different, some are skinny, some are fat, some are tall or some are short... no one in this world is a real judge to differentiate n comment on anyone. We can never advise others on "how to look or change oneself".

History says that the complexity of good looks started from Girls, but as we are stepping to the future even boys are feeling the same. I wont blame girls to be the cause of spreading the Beauty complexity epidemic 'coz i think everyone is mature n intelligent enough to understand, especially what happens when something goes off hand n in excess [ remember Michael Jackson Picture again ].Personality is what you should have. When we talk about personality, Beauty doesn't come anywhere in the picture. Its a persons character. If you think I'm wrong please Do some more survey on Personality. Off late I've seen boys having their eyebrows done, facial, pedicure, manicure, n some who are a complete spa junkies. Its not at all bad to do any of these beauty treatment, infact its a part of Hygiene, but you shouldn't be addicted to it. Ive experienced these situations personally, especially when we usually visit a salon. The hairstylist will always promote his products while doing his work.. always bragging about his products, like his exceptionally good hair cream, face cream, foot cream and god alone knows about those other creams n oils. He gives us a description of it so beautifully as if it made in heaven and will work magics.. trust me its bullshit..but He gotta find a source to earn more money like everyone else in this world. These hairstylist and others are very smart in upselling as they will only target Beauty Freak coz they know they will buy his products to seek good looks regardless whether its expensive or the contents. But do you really think it will work magic ? everyone knows that the answer is Probably [ either yes or no ] . Our world is so superficial n so backward that people easy get attracted to anything to do with beauty. They have forgotten that Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder. Beauty products, cosmetic surgery, spas, Gym, beauty clinics, Skin lighting etc... they are so much of a hype now.....You browse through the newspaper, magazines or television 7 out of 10 advertisements are often related to beauty products .... don't you think its crazy ? .... Do you also know for a fact that India is the one of the Leading countries to sell the maximum number of Fairness creams .... God alone knows why there's differentiation between Skin tones, its so stupid..have you'll forgotten :- Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Samuel Jackson, Will Smith , Beyonce, Ludacris, Oprah Winfrey , Halley Berry, Mary j Blige, Christina Milian. Don't you know if a person is born with a specific colour can never change his/her colour , even the worlds most expensive fairness creams cant do any magic, they can just reduce your skin tone only if its Tanned. It Doesn't really matter if your black or white 'coz in this world you can be anyone you want to be until you have the most Important factor or power that is "Confidence to attain n complete any goals " if you have Confidence you're always gonna be lucky with the Lottery of SUCCESS. With Confidence , Persuasion, Hardwork, Effective Communication skills, Sense of humor n Intelligence counts as well. [ Qualities for a good Personality ]. Make these qualities a part of your life n it will work magics..... So stop wasting time and think smart . n one last thing Don't let others take over your mind, 'coz others wont give you the life you want n deserve ....

So guys Grow up, n Think Smart.

-----------------Karan Upadhya.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part- 2 Trip To south india

The Quote of the day

The Quote of the Day:

"I've Encountered so many Loosers in my Life, but i strongly believe Haters will die, so Fuck You Haters, I Hate you all"

---------------------- Karan Upadhya.

Facebook Application " What your name Means "

I usually Hate Facebook Applications, But today as i had nothing to do, i simply finished this Application which says " What does your name means ". I was Awstrucked with the answers, 'coz its so True!.... Try it Yourself...... K: You like to try New Things. A: You can be Very Quiet when you have something on Your Mind. R: You are a Social Butterfly. A: You can be very quite when you have something on Your Mind. N: You like to work, But you always Want a Break............... U: You Feel like you have to equal up to people's standard. P: You are very Friendly & Understanding. A: you can be very Quiet when You have something On your Mind. D: You have trouble Trusting People. H: You are not Judgemental. Y: You cause a Lot of Trouble. A: You can be very quiet when you have something on Your Mind.

You like to try new things. You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind. You are a social butterfly. You like to work, but you always want a break. You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards. You are very friendly and understanding. You have trouble trusting people. You are not judgmental.You cause a lot of trouble.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bose Headset

Bose is always counted as one of the top brands when it comes up to Music system n Headsets. Few months back i visited the Bose studio with my Friend n went Gaga over their Ipod Headsets. I simply love those Headsets. No wonder Bose is one of the best Brands when it comes upto The best Sound Quality Headset. But the price for each Headsets will burn your wallet.... the price ranges are from 3k to 10k RS .... but must say even the 3k headset has a really gud sound quality..... each headset has the Noise reduction or Noise Cancellation technology which means the headset will simply give you pure music n no background sounds or chaos around you......[ not kidding ]. Its even Comfortable to the Ears. Bose can anytime beats JBL N Shennizer. Im gonne have one soon... what bout u Guys ......
P.s : If you're a Pure Music Fanatic, You will Definetely Worship These Headsets.

Combat Pants A Must Have

When you talk about Combat Pants it always remind you of the Military, Army, Navy & Airforce. Combat Pants also reminds you of those Stereo-typical colors like Black, Olive, Khaki, Etc.. But after it being as a fashion statment it has been Re- invented n Customised according to your Choice. Thanks to the Pop n Punk world who brought Combat pants in Fashion. Now you can find Combat Pants in all the possible Colors you Like. Brown, Denim blue, White are some of the Colors which i prefer, but apart from the colors mention if your Bold n Confident you can even Carry Different Colors. Combat Pants are definetely one of the must have's in your WARDROBE,... n Im refering to both Boys n as well as Gals. You can wear Combat pants to the movies, out shopping, club hopping and even camping. because of Its versatile, comfotable n fashionable look combat pants always makes you look Fashion perfect. Combat pants have the Urban look n its edgy, its also counted as one of the hardore punk outfit. You can team combat pants with a tight t-shirt especially the plain coloured tshirt/ top or a hoodie and a pair of comfy tennis shoes or ankel high combat boots. Ive Got a White n Khaki coloured Combat Pant.

My suggestion: Try a typical green military style combat pants with plain white T-shirt, Cloth belt, Dog tag, Messy Hairstyle n Ankle high combat boots for more edgy style add more of silver accessory it gives you that punk style. btw how can i forget the Aviator Shades for that sexy look.

So get your own Combat pants now ......

You will find Ankle high Combat boots at brands like Buckaroo, Caterpillar, Woodland etc .....