Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bose Headset

Bose is always counted as one of the top brands when it comes up to Music system n Headsets. Few months back i visited the Bose studio with my Friend n went Gaga over their Ipod Headsets. I simply love those Headsets. No wonder Bose is one of the best Brands when it comes upto The best Sound Quality Headset. But the price for each Headsets will burn your wallet.... the price ranges are from 3k to 10k RS .... but must say even the 3k headset has a really gud sound quality..... each headset has the Noise reduction or Noise Cancellation technology which means the headset will simply give you pure music n no background sounds or chaos around you......[ not kidding ]. Its even Comfortable to the Ears. Bose can anytime beats JBL N Shennizer. Im gonne have one soon... what bout u Guys ......
P.s : If you're a Pure Music Fanatic, You will Definetely Worship These Headsets.

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