Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do we follow the value of Dignity of Labour?

Im Not an Excellent writer, But ive gotto share this with Everyone.
Do we really Understand what Dignity of Lobour is?
I think, Only few people in this world knows what dignity of labour really means. As Humans we all need Luxury, Money, Comfort, Fame and a Beautiful Plush Life. Its Like the Aim in our Life. Our parents have always nurtured us and thought us to be a Confident, successful & a self-Independent Being. They have also thought us how to speak, Dress n behave in Public. They have Fostered us with good values, knowledge, morales and gratitude, Precisely they have thought everything best that we need.
I really dont wanna talk about the morales, success or about parents preaching, but i want the person to atleast realise that they need to know the basic values such as Dignity of Labour, Its a Foundation for our Personality Growth. It is also a reflection of our personalty.
"A person who Helps you or service your request is not your Servant." No one has the right to disrespect or insult someone. We should be aware that these people who help us dont really have an Easy Life. They are also some of the most important people in our society, as they make our life easier to Live. Appreciate their hardwork n dedication as they are struggling to lead a respectful and a prosperous life. But there are few people who really care a damn.
You cannot differentiate anyone on their occupation, as everone have their job to do, maybe someone is a Sweeper, a watchman, a driver, a servant or maybe a tele caller. Our Society is incomplete without them. Everyone in this World cannot Afford to have a Plush Life or Luxury. Cleaning your room, Washing your own Dishes & Clothes, Organising your closet and helping Others is not a Disrespectful Job. Infact its just that we all are following our Responsibilities. Who dosen't want a Respectable Life, But if you respect others is when you will get the same respect in return.
I wanted to share this incident that happened probably some weeks ago. My friends n i visited this Gelato Parlour in Bandra n we were busy tasting each flavours. The guy who was servicing us was pretty kind, n patient & he didn't give up even when we were confused thinking which flavour to choose. In the mean while this young girl stormed in the parlour, she was skimpily dressed n suddenly she started screaming at the guy who was serving us. She ordering him to help her first. He just looked at us n We understood his situation. So we told him to help her first as we weren't in any hurry. That lady was yelling on top of her voice insulting him just because he didnt have the flavour she Requested. She then paid for the Gelato she bought, but unfortunately the guy didnt have the change. So in that rage the lady threw the money on the guy's face and stormed out Grumbling. I can't believe my eyes, because even after so many things that happened there he actually told her Sorry and Thankyou .... N god oalone knows how he tolerated that non sense... but thumbs up to his patience.
I understand that everyone needs to have Attitude but must mention this; theres a vast differnce between a good and a bad Attitude. The attitude the lady portrayed was a bad side or rather the Ugly side. She just had a Down Market Attitude, and She made a fool of Herself. As also said Dignity of Labour even talks about one's character n personality, but here the lady has none of it [ Im not sori for being blunt here ].
Even when we see in our daily Life, The best example we have is the Tele caller. Even a tele caller faces the same trouble when he/she calls their customers. How can you be rude to these people, even when you know its the part of their Job. I know its annoying when they frantically call you for offers n sales etc... but you can just tell them politely to get you out of the Priority List.
We should be aware of Dignity of Labour, Coz my mom keeps saying this always If you dont respect someone, that someone wont respect you [its like Karma].
Think about it......
------------------------------------- Karan upadhya.


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nice one ...

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that is really like a great man whi thinks completely different and another thing i would like u tell this to ur mom its great that she has thought u such good manners and things that can infulence people to be good hats off to my friend and hope u still write more good things like this as i turing in a fan of ur blogs

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Thnxs Guys these comments really means a lot to keep sending me ur Feedback & keep checking for my new Upcoming Posts
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