Saturday, May 16, 2009

Encountering loosers

Friends are someone who you can trust after your family ..... n im not refering to the friends from the famous setcom FRIENDS or The O.C , im talking about the Real life Friends.

In our daily life we Associate more with friends than our family n hence we tend to trust friends more than our family.

But my Question is Do we Really Believe in Friendship? can we trust Friendship?. we all have got different answers to this, maybe it can be positive or negative n that depends on the situations. Ive got a negative answer after encountering some loosers n Ive also got positive answer too as i have few friends who i can really trust on, n who knows what an "Real Friendship" is.

Right now im talking about the people who dont even know the meaning of the word "Friends", n i confess i've got some of these people around. I've got few friends who believe friendship is just a Game, a Trend which constantly keeps changing every season...... n i really cant believe that there are some creatures in this world who dont understand the meaning of the word Friends. A friend can only be called a True friend when HE/ SHE really stands by yourside or show your presence when you need them around. A friend should be someone we learn from, or a person who we can feel comfortable to speak our mind too. But I've encountered so many loosers [ not sori for being blunt here, but have to say this ]. They dont even deserve to be called as friends. You cannot be someones friend when you Expect something in return, Backbitch or frantically spreading false rumors n making up stories about things Undone n personal. I fail to understand that there are even friends who can prove to be a complete Mental Torture, Precisely psycholigcally Retard.

What happens when a person you take as your friends turn their back on you n turns the complete OPP. of what you had known them when friends? ans: A Bummer. [ trust me you will never get the answer for this]. Im sure that EVeryone's gone through this phase of life. people who haven't learnt from it, i will tell you the moral of the story here " the only thing you can do is stay miles away from them ". IF you cannot be a true friend atleast dont insult the word "Friendship". These kind of people play the same role like The politicians, terrorists, criminals etc... as they are always the cause of proving the world as a wrong place to live in, Because of them again we have also stopped believing in friendship and dont trust people anymore. But must say Life Goes on, all these things shouldn't let you give up on believing and making Friends. The best & trust worthy friend you will ever have is "YOU" Yourself. Think about it.

Think about it and dont be afraid of making friends

----------------------Karan Upadhya.


Anonymous said...

im happy u started to pen ur thoughts again, keep up... n this isnt bad though.

cheryl said...

yes i really do agree wit wht u have to say about friend ship and u are awesome person who can define friendship which is very difficult thing for a person to understand we come across so many people but u would notknow who is ur friend or just a how u said its tough but its good to take the risk....good blog have a nice time

Anonymous said...

kudo's pupz..nice blog ya =]

Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing stuff..

Keep it up :D


Karan Upadhya [ Official ® ] said...

Thnxs Guys keep sending me ur feedback.