Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday 2009

I had a low profile birthday this year, 'coz i wanted just my close pals n family to company me on my Birthday. But It was a strange feeling, Since been busy with my daily routine [ work - studies - travelling ] I had forgotten, "celebration" n what a family party means. I had not taken my car to work, so had to come by the company car. When i reached home i found my mum, sisters n cutie granny playing happy birthday music n singing along with it. They even had a cake, n everything decorated n organised for a Birthday party It was Awesome, but the first person who wished me was my neighbour n my doggies lol ... Then my family. When i found myself as the center of attention i was a lil baffled [ god alone knows why? ] It was Strange. I simply cut the cake n hugged everyone and then we all went to sleep. My fone was constantly ringing, i answered some n then read a book n went to sleep. The next day i had a party with friends and family. Met some awesome people and really had a good time. I had a beautiful Night at La Vie with .... a Lounge restaurant but was not at all impressed with the food, i wish i could have eaten Some chaat nearby [ which i was Craving For ]. Anyway Overall i had a good birthday Party. Thanks everyone who made my birthday so Special. N *Hugs* to people who i couldn't meet n Missed. Cheers 2009 . The must have in my Birthdays is: - My Grannies Paissam [ Sweet dish ] n her Flowers. - My Moms blessing. - My Sisters Company. Some Random pics of my Birthday, btw didn't click much pictures with everyone.

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