Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Update News

Guys I'm really Busy these days, SO sori coz i couldn't upload My Blog for sometime ... Probably will get Updated Day after tomorrow .. so be PATIENT ... Btw I've got to tell everyone that ive thought of something funni this bday, i.e. The person who calls me first on my Birthday thats sharp at 12:00am will get a GIFT from me ... N this BDAY will be a family affair or gathering so dont even expect a party, will organise a good bday beach party by end of this month so again be PATIENT and get your Leaves sorted for that Day .....will let you know more about it later. So cheers and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself .. ;) FOR MORE NEWS DO CHECK THE NEWS AND UPDATE SECTION ON THR RIGHT HAND INDEX OF THE BLOG ....

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