Friday, June 12, 2009

Chor Bazaar

Good Morning India: That's what i feel like screaming whenever i think about this day. I visited Chor bazaar, e-ah Chor Bazaar, a place where no one likes to visit. I have heard a lot of wild stories about this place [ rapes, Gun shots, Murder .. etc...]. Its situated somewhere in an unknown place in south Bombay a.k.a Town. Whenever we talk about Town or south Bombay we always think about Posh Cars, Tall Buildings, Art Galleries, Taj Hotel etc... so it was an adventure for me to visit a place so unknown for some of us. But My friends ditched the plans at the last minute which was really sad but relieving coz even i had thought of giving up the plan as well, but then i had promised my cousin brothers that i will take them along. When i told them that we scrapped the plans my brothers were sad. But they re good at manipulating n eventually i had to go with them. I didn't want to take my car, but didn't have an option. when we reached that place my brother explained some things like : Not to say a word, if i like something tell him n stay away, not to carry any valuables, not to stare at anyone & not to speak to anyone. We parked the car Mile n Miles away. I had to mess my hair, unbutton my shirt n tuck it out. As my brother Even said that i shouldn't carry any valuables; i had to remove my rings, chain, keep my camera n cellphone in the car somewhere safe. I can-not really describe the place, coz my mind was busy thinking about my Car 'coz i had heard stories like people stealing your cars, n car engines .. etc. We reached the main market where they sell shoes... i found some amazing keetos, but that guy who was selling wasn't ready to bargain, My brother tried his best but still nothing really happened. That guy was really rude, but as said by my brother i had to stick to the Rules [ No speaking ]. Whenever i liked something i told my brother n then i go some miles way. then my brother starts bargaining alone in the local hindi slang with the seller. The lane where they sold these shoes was so small that only one person could walk in it. People there looked like criminals and they were staring at us as if they ha vent seen humans before, The only gals i saw were the gals who were selling themselves for money [ you know who I'm talking about ] n trans genders who again were selling themselves. No doubt that they call the place an HELL. But i kept thinking how could someone live in such places and what on earth is GOVERNMENT doing to cure these places. It reminds me of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. After sometime I told my brother to take the keetos on the price of what the seller snarled at in the beginning. My brother then told me its good not to buy it if he doesn't reduce the price. I nagged my brothers to get out of the place coz as the time passed the place started haunting me.... n i really wanted to see my car....How coudl I miss this : mine was the only private vehicle with some of the broken, spoilt cars :. After sometime my brothers n me decided to get out of the market but we were lost as we couldn't find the EXIT. After around Hour n a half we found the way out and got my car. It was one of the feelings that I'll never ever forget. We got in the car and Got out of that place. As we all were Hungry we went to this place called cafe Mondegar and had a awesome breakfast n enjoyed the rest of the day driving around town. [ BACK TO OUR REAL WORLD ]

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