Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Foodsy Night

Lately I've been travelling to town quite often. This time again it was with my funny n cool friends Troy Bolton , DJ Yo Mama n Not-a-lie lol .....It Was an awesome Day as well as Night 'coz we all were together the whole Night, Morning and as well as the Next Morning.... I wont be able to write the whole scene of what really happened, but honestly it was one of the most Funniest, Lost n The Scariest night we had....We had ditched the Club Plans n thought to cruise around South Bombay [ N i was the Guide ]; But Most of the time we were lost searching for the place we wanted to go... But after having such an Ace driver {Me} [ not exactly driver ], my friends were sure they wouldn't get lost HAHAHA [Please stop Cribbing my friends]. We were hunting for Bade Miyas [hope i spelt that right ] 'coz we didn't have any clue where on earth that famous seekh kabab guy was. Bade Miyas is where you get the best kebabs, tandoori n butter chicken Yummmmmmm [ you will say the same when you eat it ].... n believe me its the taste you all shouldn't miss at all.. The best part of it is the Prices which are quite nominal...... I Cant imagine the way I Hogged that night. Gosh! as if i haven't eaten for Yonks ..... but if i recall the menu for the whole day, I must have had the best breakfast from JATC [ just around the corner ] [ including Sausage, omelet, brown bread, juices, parathas, fruit platter etc...] n lunch n snacks n dinner n then bade miyas n then apna dhaba. That's the Reason I named this post as Foodsy Night....... The most scariest part for the night was the demented looking Cab driver who told us to follow him n then suddenly he asked us where we wanna go? [How Lame]. But Honestly this trip was a real stress buster. We then went back to our favourite place "Suburbs" after searching for a bloody Gas Station [ which was Miles n miles away in some Isolated place ]. we were troubling some cab drivers who were sleeping in some really funny manner. We then went to Mount Mary, had coffee in bandstand, and then we went to Apna Dhaba.
Apna Dhaba was a head pain. The kebabs that we had there was so powdery yuckkk..... But cranberry Juice was good. Anyway my day didn't get over yet ..'coz we went to Church at mahim attended the Novena were apparently we were all sleeping half the prayer session n cribbing about the choir singers 'coz they were singing some really sleepy songs. Then i Went to college where i went to sleep while giving my Test hahaha....... If You see the pictures You'll find something common [ we all are just hogging ] LOL.How could i even forget to mention this that it started raining the same day. Cheers for such a Beautiful Night.
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