Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death

I got up in the morning and just switched on the TV to CNN n saw this breaking news, displaying "Michael Jackson Dies". I was Repeatedly watching the display scroller thinking " Alright now what's new about Michael [ 'coz i felt the scroller stupid ]". After watching more of it i realised the KING OF POP is really Dead. I was so sad 'coz Its so strange that sometimes you don't meet someone but still feel the pain for his/her Death. Must say MJ is still the undisputed KING OF POP n must mention he was unparellel n incomparable Artist ever. I'm feeling strange to write MJ "WAS" instead of "IS". I am not really a big fan of MJ but i cant deny the fact that he was an inspiration for all the music lovers. I can even say that he was one of the most talented artist ever in the history of music. Music world is incomplete without Michael's presence, But he will always be present in every ones heart through his awesome Music. Michael is a history in himself n its an inevitable fact that there would be no one like MJ ever. Rest in peace.

"Michael Jackson, You will always live in peoples Heart through Your Music. Your An History n there will be No one like You ever .....Hats off to The KING OF POP...... Rest In Peace".

---------------Karan Upadhya.

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