Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monsoon Fashion

As monsoon's are about to start , one of the things that comes in my head are these Checks & Floral shorts. Mahn! They look so Urban & Trendy. These pants are also known as "Knee length pants" or "Short trousers". These are the one of the must haves this Monsoon as well as during the summers.
So are you ready for this rainy season.
My suggestion: Try on casual or a club wear tshirt, awesome rainy slippers or crocs & pair it with some silver blings.
Place to buy:
-Behind KFC [Bandra] there is this local street seller who sells these awesome Shorts for about 300-400 rs. .. do bargain on purchase. [Remembers his brother buying some awesome pair of shorts].
- Proobably You should even get it in any Shopping Mall.
Floral Shorts:

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