Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pages From My Diary

Pages From My Diary:
Sometimes you really don't understand what you say or do, n that's what exactly happened to me on Tuesday. I had no Conscience on what i was doing, n since then i had an array of Unfortunate Events for the same day. Probably my compromised hearing or Partial Deafness or the Hectic Schedule must have been the reason for the Rough Day.
I had a tough time Travelling, Sleeping, Eating, Working, Shopping & going back Home, its all in a series.....
It Started with my Sleep:
I couldn't sleep as my Chey Chey was back from her long trip and surprised us all.
I skipped my Lunch and i drove like a mad dog to work, as i was chasing time. [Good that i didn't meet in any kinda accident ]; But unfortunately still reached Late. I had a Hectic day at work as well and, Inclusive of tension, irritation, trouble n frustration. [ Should i mention the result Aggression ].
I went to The Supermarket to buy some groceries and in a hurry i ended up buying Nonsense. While dumping these stuffs in the car, i accidentally left my car keys inside the car and the car got Auto Locked.
Many people tried breaking the Car lock and experimented various means n methods, but nothing really worked. [Even Experimenting with a Drawing Scale didn't work ], and all my hopes and expectation was washed away. 8( .
Finally [ must also mention " Hopelessly "]. I had to go home to get the duplicate keys. 'Coz i had edible stuffs in the car. [ Cakes, Pastries, Breads, juices, Chocolates, Chips etc. ] that would rot if i would have kept it inside the car till the next day, n would you ever leave something so precious to Rot, No-Way.
Another wild part is that i had left my Cash inside the Car, so the only best part of the day or must say the Blessing from the Gods were the Debit card's [ i was looking at the Debit Card as the best Invention by Humans Ever ].
I tried withdrawing cash from a nearby ATM and could you beat that i Locked my Debit Card Pin. [ My heart sank in depression n then i looked at my other Debit Card like an Angel. I started speaking to my Debit Card in my mind saying: " Please work for me, n i promise wont Harris you anymore ], n to my utter dismay this time the ATM machine wasn't working as it repeatedly kept displaying :Cannot Complete Your Request : n didn't give me any Cash. [ When i had enough funds in my freaking a/c ]. I kicked the Machine n i went home by Auto which was speeding like a Snail. A Bloody Snail ! [Never thought cars could be so Fast], I kept my 'patience' and 'hope' still Strong and was Patiently waiting for an End to this Turmoil that i was in. I was thinking why did i Install this Crap : Auto Lock :?
....... Then I tried another ATM nearby my House. I inserted the Card in the ATM and for Almost 10 Min's there was nothing happening. I Lost my Patience and thought the ATM Swallowed my card and also thought i wouldn't get any money. In Frustration when i was just about to Kick n Punch the ATM machine responded to my Request and gave me my Cash. [ PS: Ninja Style Works ]. When i reached Home i Grabbed my Keys from the House, n went back to the Office. The Auto driver charged me a Bomb, but couldn't help it as the meter was unexpectedly high and the meter card that the drivers usually have doesn't have the information. Helplessly i gave him the Money and Unlocked my Car.
But in this Whole Fiasco that i had, i just had one Question repeatedly playing inside my head.
'coz its such a trouble, a nightmare, n a torture that one has to go through when something like this happens , but then i thought about it calmly n i think its an awesome system 'coz no one could steal my car.....[ What a relief ] though it did not allow its own master to enter the car due to security reasons, but security after all is a security, and its Obvious everyone has to follow its rules and regulations..... But at the end of the day I'm happy that no one can ever steal my BABY LOVE "Car", n i was relaxed thinking about it.....
Kudos to the central locked system n i think everyone must have it too.
It also thought me some good lesson i.e;
- A good security locking system will first lock the master .... so do wait for your turn.
- Next Time never be Lazy and throw your car keys anywhere.
- Do not Neglect your health.
- Always keep your wallet in your pocket.
- Make another set of Duplicate keys.
- Always remember all your Passwords n Pin numbers.
- Do not Pray to God when you know its not gonna happen.
- Store a lot of patience in you so that it can come in use During or at any Emergencies.
- Go back the same route by Auto and get the exact Fare/ Tariff of the meter.
- N last but not the Least " NINJA STYLE WORKS IN THE ATM MACHINE ".

------------------Karan Upadhya.

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gosh this is so funny .. love your writtings ..... cant wait for the new....