Friday, June 12, 2009

Party at Enigma

Sori for the delay... as i didn't have time to post this event. I Love this day, 'coz i was with all my friends. TROY BOLTON, DJ YO MAMA, CREDENCE, NOT-A-LIE, N ME .... Venue: at Enigma discotheque in J.W.MARIOTT. After a stressful month or so, We really needed a break or a stress buster. We were longing to go to a place where we all could just go crazy n dance n drink the whole night. One of the thing that i remember about this day is the LAUGHS, blaring Music, Dance, Friends, Drinks n that ugly lady in red dancing on like an item gal [ god alone knows what was she up to ]. To add spice on it. That night we were also surrounded by Beautiful girls coz the Kingfisher staff had a party at the same place. I cant wait for our next outing mahn.... Hi5 to all my Friends .....cheers;)

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