Saturday, July 4, 2009

Enjoying the Rain [Pages from my Diary]

I Love driving n cruising around different places; Especially when its Raining. It reminds me a lot of things That I've Missed, Memories, People n also things i love like, Vadapav, Hot/Cold Coffee, Ice Cream, Chaat, Beach, Pavbhaji Etc..... I can say that This year 4Th July was the best day during monsoon's; Even Though i didn't eat any of the things I had listed above. It all started with the car wash, as i thought i will take my car for a good wash, n then go for a Movie or Shopping alone; But when i stepped out it was raining cats n dogs. I still went to the car n remembered that i had forgotten my USB n also realised my Ipod stopped working. So the first time i had no music to play in my car [ The First time ]. But honestly i didn't know that it would be so amazing to just hear the Rain Drops n think about the fun that i had during the Rains. When i reached the Highway i was playing with my Cigarette lighter which is just newly installed in the car when suddenly i heared a crack sound which made the music player go blank. I parked the car n kept the blinkers on. Then i started fighting with the player, doing stuffs thinking n hoping it would start, But i failed i lost the battle of being a good technician as i couldn't cure the problem .. I was disappointed 'coz I hate to see something that i love the most [ Music ] not working. I simply cancelled all my plans n turned my way back to the Service Center. But the Journey to reach the service center is something which i gotta tell yah. To start with I was stuck in the traffic for 2-3 hours just to reach the service station which is like half n hour away. I had no gadget to entertain myself [ first time ] whwn i realised that i was wrong as i found my Digi Camera .. Just for TP, I started clicking pictures of the road n started portraying a scene with each clicks. I was singing [ almost screaming ], chit chatting on the phone, n also enjoying the Rain. I was surprised that i was actually enjoying the traffic as well .... I turned the ignition off every time the car stopped 'Coz I realised it took almost 15 Min's to move an Inch. As Time Passed Rain was getting fierce, so for a while I even thought of scrapping the plan and heading back home, but the risk factor in me is always ruling my mind .. I took it as a challenge n went on with the snail slow traffic... n how could i forget i was clicking pictures as well. I was happy to see that there was no water logging trouble that usually Bombay suffers with 'coz as far as i know with just some piddle of rain Bombay use to get submerged in water. I reached the service station n repaired the player n the Cigarette lighter. After i left the service station I thought of just going for shopping 'Coz i haven't shopped for long [ as far as i remember ]. But then as I went to the opp. direction from my house I saw the water rising on the road. Without wasting a minute i turned my car back n took the road back home. But I Cant understand why some crackos speed their car n splash water on the pedestrians, what kicks do they really get by doing that.? The most shocking part here is " I started listening to Radio, some radio station called FM 107.8 Meow radio " hahaha, n honestly speaking its good, Ms. Jockey sounded good n she spoke Sense. I even liked the choice of music they played ...... [ was awesome ]. While listening to the radio i heard someone giving birthday wishes to their relative, so i remembered that my sweethearts birthday is tomorrow. My granny is going to turn a year younger lol. So in that dense traffic n pouring rain I went to Birdys n bought cake n flowers for my Granny. I Love Getting wet in the Rain. I now Strongly agree when they say that Rains wash your troubles away n cleans Ur mind 'coz at the end of the long journey I was Refreshed. But when i think about rains i even start thinking about the people who are homeless n poor, God alone knows how they live in this wheather. God Bless Them. To end with Happy Birthday Granny [ Ur Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllll ];)

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