Thursday, July 30, 2009

From House Party to the Beach.

Again a beautiful day to remember. It all Started from Troy Bolton's house party to a faraway beach .. n it was one of the day we all will never ever forget. ' coz everything was such a surprise n spontaneous ..... Love this day ... Must mention the book reading section. We were learning about Creative Love Making ... n our teacher for the day { NOT-A-LIE } hahaha n how can i forget our new friend Margarita .... Welcome to the gang. Life wouldn't be beautiful without you ll..... Life is so Beautiful. waiting for the nest Outing. with : Margarita, Troy Bolton, Not a Lie , DJ Lil Yo Mama, Anne besant , n Me ...... That's what i call an Hip Hop Hustle. The Culprit Of the Day
I love Hip Hop Stop crying Not a Lie That's how yummy food is made Bag Aged Fake Reviews
That's the Dark Cloud table etiquette's [ i cant even spell it lol ] Hit Man Bla bla bla GOB GOB GOB BURB! Culprits caught live From the hidden lens Under my Umbrellaa la la la is Margarita ta ta ta the conclusion of book reading

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