Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meeting Jenny

Yet another Outing. This time its Saffron near Matoshri if you still cant find the location how bout the famous sudha chandran dance academy. We were all anxious to meet Jenny, who Needs no introduction after Mr.Bolton going gaga about her frantically everyday, every minute hahaha ..... But must say she is an sweetheart. Welcome to the crazy world Jenny.
Good thing about Saffron is its location n its Name. Love the place as its situated between green trees n Hills. But unfortunately i don't have good reviews about the restaurant. It starts From the Buffet which cost you around 200 rs per person, n believe me its awful. The place needs to be a Lil more organised. How could i forget to mention their pathetic service n those houseflies eekkkss.
My suggestion : Avoid this Place unless they concentrate more on their quality rather than their Hospitality.
But Again Friends saved the Day..........
I also need to mention this. After the restaurant i went to see Harry Potter n the Half blood Prince n Oh! My Gosh the movie is such a Disgrace. The Start of the Movie was awesome, but just the start, coz after that the movie went completely OFFTRACK. and didn't realise on what note did they Finish the Movie.... I must have counted each minute in the movie theatre Thinking when the movie will Finish. I even cribbed about the money i spent on the expensive tickets n Popcorn's ...... Oh god please don't make such Movies ever again, coz the world is really expensive.
With : Dj.Lil.Yo.Mama, Not-A-Lie, Troy Bolton, Jenny from the block.

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