Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post Birthday Party at Rock Bottom

Post birthday Party at Rock Bottom was fun. How can i forget Creeds exploration to the Hip hop section. Special thanks to the beautiful foreigner who bent in front of creeds 'cause without her it wasn't possible. I love the DJ 'cause the music he played was SICKKKKK....we couldn't stop our feet tapping and dancing. Btw Dancing with freestylers is soooooooo cool. Mahn! We got to learn so many steps .... i went insane 'cause most of the people were popping and Locking [ I tried some ], n i even Love the way those Afro-Americans were dancing; Remembering BEYONCE, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown. We felt as if we were in some Discotheque in South Africa. We all Loved It .. Creeds, Ash, DJ LIL YO MAMA, Troy Bolton, Not A lie, n me ........

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