Friday, July 24, 2009


Sometimes we don't really Realise the value of a person until they go away from us. 'coz its then when we realise how important they were to us in our life. Not only that, sometimes we don't even realise the value of a person who's there next to us. But we cant blame anyone coz we all aren't perfect, are we? everybody makes mistakes. We can never avoid those fine memories, The things we shared, the things we spoke, the crazy things we did those fine memories that can never be erased. I'm not only referring to the happy part of the life, coz as we all know for a fact that our life is a balance of sadness n happiness, as without sadness you wont realise what the word happiness means. But i wont deny that sometimes you meet some people in your life n suddenly they just vanish, you can never meet them again, but that doesn't stop us from thinking about them. precisely Everyone in our life that we meet is Important to us.
I'm so happy that I've encountered n met so many beautiful people in my Life. N I'm also happy coz I've been a part of their Beautiful Life. We know its an inevitable fact that its gonna be a part of our life till we Die. I've No regrets about the good n bad part I've shared with those people 'coz after all they were once a part of my life. . . . .
P.S.: Forgiveness, Trust n a Lil Compromisation can really amend the Broken Memories. Think About It
Cheers to the Beautiful Life n those beautiful People.
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