Friday, August 14, 2009


Wild Night Banker for Life Flaunting My Cheese OMG my bank is under BANKRUPTCY ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY PEOPLE CHO CHWEETTT That's Waht i call LIFE
Cheers MATE 2 horses n a daughter makes me smile - Anne Besant. Jenny Talks That's a Goal HOW CHI LAOW - Hogger WE BELONG TOGETHER The Tree Monkeys hahaha Dj Lil Yo Mama Cant stop lauffin here Confessions Have some Manners DJ LIL YO MAMA Brushing Off the Kerela Sand Doped Mr Bolton stop Eating Ur Ciga-rette Cheers
Mafias Welcome to the JUNGLE KING KONG Junior Hide and Seek That's how we cut everyone from a fotograph Wheres the Cry stale Cham-Pag-Neh
Smiling for a gud Nite Whats in it Certified Dummies
Its a Privilege

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