Monday, August 10, 2009

The Best Indian Reality Television Show : India's Got Talent

India's Got Talent is a new reality Television show with Shekhar Kapoor, Sonali Bendre and Kirron Kher as judges. The series is the Indian franchise of the popular Got Talent English TV series.
Yet again, Indian Television Has copied another Famous reality Show which was know as "America Got Talent" in America; But i think its the only beautiful n worth watching Tele Show in India currently [ I hate to be blunt, but Ive got to be here ]. This show has Nothing to do with Celebrities or Some fake Contest or Contestant's to prove someone Low or spoil someone's Dignity. From my view This show is Purely about Energy, Strength n Hard work. The one who can prove his Potential in the Masses or For Someone Talented who always looked to achieve success in a bigger platform.
I really love this Show. Though I'm not an ardent follower of it 'coz i don't get much time; but i feel so happy to see different people from different states, villages, town, culture, race, cities etc .. showing the best of the talent they've got, which i don't think we common beings can never ever think of [ i cant think even in my dreams ]. Its so Good to see so many hidden talents which we weren't even aware about, existed in India [ our own beautiful motherland ]. Some of the Acts have really got me emotional, whereas some acts have made me smile n laugh, n some acts have made me just close my eyes in fear. Every Episode n Day is so interesting as we get to see something new everyday. Everytime i see it i keep saying "Mahn how can they even do it" its so Surprising n eye popping..... I bet the judges must be having a very Tough time eliminating them .... ' coz everyone are worth the PRIZE.
On a personal Note this show really motivates me and makes me think that there are so many options in life and we should never loose your hopes and we've got to be confident and Hard working. Kudos for the First Reality show i ever loved in Indian Television ... Now i don't wanna see the eliminations its definitely gonna be difficult for me to see it ....... Damn!.

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