Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surprise At EL GROTO

I've got to be selfish here, 'Coz This was my Day. From the pool game to the food to my surprise gift everything was perfect. It was just awesome. It was one of my final Birthday Parties and must say one of the unforgettable one's ..... My friends surprised me with a beautiful WRIST WATCH [means so much to me]. I also need to mention about the pool game 'coz I'm an complete amateur in it. But now i can brag that i won the pool game ... Its an achievement. Love this day and My Friends made it more Special to me. El Groto Lounge & Pub is a beautiful place. I love the ambiance, food, music, actually everything. It's a perfect underground themed restaurant. Its a perfect hide out place from the existing world. But you better have lots of papes with you 'coz the prices aren't that lovely. Do try the Chicken Chilly its YUmm.... With : Troy Bolton, DJ Lil Yo Mama, Not-A-Lie, Creeds, Ash, Anne Besant Dunno what was ashley trying to click hahaha Trekking Sloshed
censored Thats what i call a perfect Bunny Look Yo we always Block everyones faces HI5 Aye Aye Hip Hopper Cross Fire Underground Trance Thats my Watch Gift opening Ceremony Lol i Pop Not a Lie : can i have another picture please. hahaha Bawled The Master Blaster Chal Haat

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