Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Reviews

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Reviews :

I was browsing through the history of all my posts and i realised that i didnt publish this post since ages, so here it is .. I re-published this post.

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Formerly Known As Sahar Airport is under Renovation. Mumbai International Airport Limited has improved the areas for passengers convenience like curbside, terminal entrances and also improved cleanliness. Human resources initiatives were taken such as employee communication and training. Some of the other changes that have taken place in the recent past include: aesthetic changes, additional check-in counters, refurbished toilets, improved signage, additional food and beverage outlets, better curbside, management leading to a smoother traffic flow.

Its Really Good To Know That Experts are taking efforts to Renovate the Airport as Mumbai has always featured regularly in lists of the world's 5 worst airports, But i Think Before You Spend So much Brain Power, Energy & Money. Atleast make sure that you atleast look at the basic things first so that there is no inconvenience for people. Like...

No Sign Boards - When You Reach the Airport You have to get ready for a Reality Game Show.... You need to get your paper & pen handy create a map for your convenience so that You don't get Lost or come back to the Start, when you find the place you want to go is when the Game is Over. By the way map is useful for the next visit, as you are atleast aware of the Entrance n the Exit Points of the Airport.

Parking at your own risk :- Mandatory fee for all the cars on arrivals .. You cannot go without parking your car [ which is so stupid ] even if it is for a minute. and finding the parking lot is again a Task .....

Predict The Flight Schedule - Boards Not updated about Flights arrival, so you've got to look up in the sky and then predict if we will expect a flight soon.

Cause of new Epidemics - The Airport can be a cause for some new epidemics [ referring to their lavatory ].

The Trance effect - Airport is quite Lively; 'Coz there is a Lot of Chaos & The Awful Smell can put anyone in TRANCE.

Ive Got so much to talk bout the Mumbai Airport, but ------ I cant go on n on About it.

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---------- Karan Upadhya.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Must Watch Movie - The Ugly Truth

Isn't it an Inevitable Fact that Everybody loves a good romantic comedy. Unfortunately, nobody gets one in "The Ugly Truth," a crude movie that won't be a surprise for anyone who sees where the genre is going. Its nothing but the battle of sexes.
Personally i found the movie funny. I wouldn't comment about the acting part 'coz its not all that great, but its full of adult comedy. I personally love the movie. I couldn't control laughing the whole movie ... I didn't really liked Katherine Heigl 'coz she wasn't all that beautiful as i thought she was, But she wasn't that bad either. Its definitely a must watch movie n make sure you are above 18 'coz as i mentioned its an ADULT comedy movie. do watch it ......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Quote of The Day

The Quote of the Day :

"Your wrong if you think big things makes Good Life. 'Coz i believe its the Small Memories that makes a Beautiful Life. We've forgotten that our Life is SO BEAUTIFUL. Mahn Live Life to the Fullest."

-------- Karan Upadhya.

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote of The Day :

"Assumption is a mother of all the Problems." B)

------ Karan Upadhya