Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meaning of a True and Honest Friend

Man is a social animal and no one can deny the fact that they cannot live alone without a Friend. Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life. They come in and out of your life. But How Do you Know, That You Have Found a True Friend? >
Is it when you speak anything and everything about your personal and professional life to him/her. Is it when you do the worlds most craziest things and then think how stupid you were. Is it when you sit in the beach with your friend, munch chips and look at the sunset. Is it when you go for Night outs, Partying, Drinking n Dancing till the sun rise. Is it when you watch the most flop movie and you say wow that was Good. Is it when you compromise Cricket for Football 'coz your friend loves it...... I think i should pause here 'coz honestly there is no definitions for True Friendship. To me friends come in all shapes and sizes. You know that you have a friend when you can trust with all of the embarrassing and secretive facets of your life and he/she won't think any less of you. Finding Your best friend is Not Easy, but You might Find your Best friend anywhere; As what i feel, it is usually in an unexpected place. Its an inevitable fact that The more you grow your network; The more you visit different places; The more you connect with others, Is the chances of finding and making friends is higher. I don't think I've got-to explain on How to make Friends, But just for your basic understanding just try these lil tricks. Get involved in school, college, community, and church functions. Smile and be friendly. You'll gather a few oddities along with the potential future friend that way, but you can sort out the wheat from the chaff later on. But as far as i know there are categories of friends that is Acquaintance, True Friends & Generic Friends. To start with "Acquaintance" : what we say in Local language are [ The Hi- Bye Friends ]. There is a huge difference between friends and acquaintances. " Generic friends " are people who like you and you like them back. They are fun to be with. They may even fill a niche in your life that has been missing before. " A true and honest friend ", however, is a mixture of all of the above things, and more. A true friend is the one you think of immediately when a crisis occurs in your life and you need comforting, or maybe if you want to share your happiness with someone who understands you very well. It is the person you trust & care for. The person who can Talk to when you are sad or just have them around and say nothing. A true friend is similar to a loving sister or brother without the history of childhood fights....... Lately we often test and experiment to find out who is our true and honest friend?. We test him/her to see if they are there when you need them. You see if they would move mountains for you when your sad. When they have passed those tests(even though you haven't always deserved their love and devotion) you know you have hit the friendship jackpot. So you have got to find out yourself if You have found a true and honest friend.
P.S : don't keep experimenting with Your friends it usually doesn't work hahaha. cheers
------------- Karan Upadhya.


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