Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shakira : She Wolf or She Monkey ?

[ Not For Kids ] We don't need any introduction to the Hips Don't Lie singer Shakira. Shakira is one of the famous Colombian singers who is internationally reputed for her Belly Dancing. Her singles like Objection Tango, Whenever wherever, Beautiful Liar, La Tortura and many other Spanish songs has boomed the Billboard charts. But WTF was she thinking !!! [ Remembering the part where she gets her ass in front of the camera ]. I always portrayed shakira as a singer who belly dance and sing songs that have Corny lyrics, [ Remembering whenever, wherever ... etc ]. Shakira is a beautiful, Petite woman with Immense Talent. But after i saw her new video She wolf I'm zapped n i just cant control myself n say "WTF". Honestly what is wrong with her, she was jumping and shaking her Ass like a Retarted She Monkey. I think Shakira wants to show her Fans that she is a Full-Grown woman and not a tiny tot anymore; but you cannot hide the truth [ referring to her Height ]. In the Video She looks like The Mutant version of Beyonce;Scary isn't it?. Shakira needs to have her own signature style n I'm not refering to The scarecrows, Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Somebody needs to remind shakira that the video was about a She Wolf, n not about a She Monkey Trapped in a Cage. Still trying to figure out why was she jumping inside that cage. She needs a dictionary and a proper understanding about the Lyrics. The song Shewolf has good music, but again the lyrics is so stereo typical Shakirish, In one part she sings [I'm starting to feel just a little abused, like a coffee machine in an office, So I'm gonna go somewhere cozy to get me a lover ] WTF !!. Theres no doubt about it that Shakira is following Beyonce's ALTER EGO style, probably the collaboration in the song Beautiful Liar with beyonce has hypnotised shakira completely; but she has forgotten that even if beyonce gets dirty, Ugly or Vulgar she has JAY-Z to watch her Big Back. Shakira needs to be who she is i.e. belly dance [shake that booty] and sing songs which suit her n that's when she will win more n more awards. Shakira if your reading this i don't deny the fact that your Beautiful but it isn't late for you to change and get back to ur own signature style, Btw I love your song Give It Up To Me feat. Lil Wayne, it has good lyrics and beats but again the Video is So Beyonceish .... Errgghh..
To check the She Wolf Video click here To check The Give It Up To Me click here :

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Anonymous said...

i disagree. I think Shakira's video and song was amazing. She's in a cage because she's a "wolf". wolves are wild dangerous creatures, which is what she's portraying herself to be in the video. She's not trying to be like Beyonce or Lady Gaga because if you ask me Beyonce is just making random videos that don't have meaning right now. Same with Lady Gaga.