Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Person I Love The Most

Late at night when all the world is sleeping, i stay up n think of u N i wish on a star that somewhere u are thinking of me too. I love u always n forever Granny.

Thank You


The Quote of the day

The Quote Of The Day:
‎- I still remember the day i skipped my biggest car accident ever ... I saw the whole world revolving around me, n then i just saw myself in the mirror n said "Good-Bye always n Forever .. But now when i look at myself i realize that i no more fear of the word GoodBye. What a way to learn !!
----------------- Karan Upadhya

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Quote of the day

Quote Of The Day:‎
~ I don't wanna Loose Oppurtunities Coz Opportuñities are lost in a blink of an eye ... So say what you feel at the right time n the right moment. ;)
---------- Karan Upadhya

Season Greetings


New Photo Account

- Friends I know that ive been out of touch from the world of Blogging .... but i will be back soon... yet again Thanks for all those Mails n Tweets ...
Just wanted to let you know that ive opened this new Photo sharing account on http://plixi.com ... .. n its superb .. you must check and don't forget to add your comments..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its been ages !!

- Yup Its been ages that Ive not posted anything in my blog, But i will be back soon with more funny posts, pics n quotes, i promise ...... n i do read Ur mails and tweets everyday. Thanks for all your love & care ...
Patience is a virtue .... Peace !!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote of the Day : We make friends,Some become Dearest,Some become special,Fall in love with one,Some go abroad,Some change their cities,Some leave us,we leave some,Some are in contact,Some are not,Some don't contact 'coz of their Ego,we don't contact some coz of our Ego,Whatever they were,However they are...we still Remember love miss care for them 'coz the part they played made ''MEMORIES'' in our lives!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Work No Play {Note}

All Work No Time To Post Will be back next month with more Pics, More Posts & More Fun Till then Keep Smiling and Follow me on Twitter :) http://twitter.com/karanupadhya

Monday, July 5, 2010

Grannies Birthday {Early Morning Shots} HQ

Lets have some Fireworks. Lets Break a Leg. Afterall today the Whole India is Bandh; maybe they realised that its My Grannies Birthday ....
^" THE V.V.I.P'S "^

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Any Video Converter by Anamitra Saha

- Its a Task to find a perfect Video Converter and especially if you own a Ipod or any other gadgets which only supports a certain type of Video Format, But now my friends you will enjoy your gadgets like never before ..... I have a solution to all your questions !! { Sounds like an advertisements right }...
But Ive got a perfect Video Converter which will resolve all your worries .. This Video Converter Software was suggested by my Friend Anamitra Saha ... Honestly he is a Tech Expert ... click the link to get Any Video Converter absolutely Free !! http://www.filehippo.com/download_any_video_converter Do follow the Pro Tech friend of mine Anamitra on Twitter ... http://twitter.com/o_n_i

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Quote of the day

The Quote Of The Day : " If you had enough, if you stop believing in Faith, if you hate love, if you get lost in the crowd, if you have lost your self-control : = : Just stop your alarm, raise your arm n just Breakout. SIMPLY SCREAM AND SHOUT !! "

Why Do People Love Lady Gaga ?

- Lady Gaga a.k.a Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is listed as one of the most influential celebrity. She is also considered to be a Pop Icon and a Fashionista. The Only question that is playing in my Head since then is; Whats happening to the world? are we under some kinda GAGA spell or is everyone hallucinating GA GA'S.... Why do people love Lady Gaga?. Whats so good about her ?. Is she really a Fashion Queen?. Firstly I am a Lady Gaga fan but i just like selected songs of Miss. Gaga. I think she is a brilliant singer, and she sounds awesome in Electro-House-Pop-Punk genre but i bet ya'll she can never sing a soft-ballad-acoustic genre. She needs the bass beating to the maximum so that it overshadows her vocals. I think She is just a 15 min Fame absorber and i think after all that she has released, her songs sound cliche and Monotonous. I'm sure this Lady Wont GA GA eventually but My biggest concern is not Miss Gaga's music but its her Fashion that scares me. It is something that we must really talk about coz its like an epidemic Ugly and Scary. I can go on n on n on about it.
Lady Gaga knows for sure that her Fame will end soon ... hence she sticks to her kaleidoscopic - hippie - Monstrous fashion to create a media frenzy. She is also The Madonna impostor {remember those conical shaped bra's} arrghhh ... but Lady's Ga Ga has crossed the boundaries of extreme stupidity !! bad Lady GAY GAY. There is no doubt about it that Lady Gaga is Influential in the Fashion world, 'Coz many celebrities have started worshipping her and find her as their fashion Idol... { God Bless them all } & Lady Gaga also has alot of Fans.
They have even started copying Miss Gaga's fashion. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kelis, Kelly Rowland etc are the best example. What if the every girl follows the Lady Gaga Fashion? Have u ever imagined ladies wearing spikes, conical bras, beehive hairdos and walking on the street?.... I think the government will have to contribute and build special roads with speed limits for all of these ladies as they have a knack of changing their costumes like the pigeon shitting or maybe like Lady Gaga !! ... Sometimes you will find them imitating a Animal, a motor bike, sometimes like a mermaid flapping their tail wings, sometimes in a claustrophobic gown with oxygen masks , sometimes in a combat suit with coffee beans and candies around their body, or maybe cup cakes on their bust !! { Please Don't Let Your Mind Explore } This fashion has no limit and it is already crossing boundaries like a disease. Thanks to the Influential Lady Gaga ... She encourages Beautiful Ladies to wear Garage Junks like Motorbike Mirrors, handles, or maybe Feathers, Utensils, Leash etc .. Every fashion magazine and TV channels will start promoting This Futuristic-Trashy-Demented-Alien-looks , they will gift wrap this fashion with words like " Exclusive " and " Stylish "!!
Lady Gaga looks like a Savage in her music videos eg : Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro etc ... Hope Lady Gaga doesn't become a actress coz that would be the next big horror movie ever made. My friend says that now parents have got a new reason to get their lil kids to go to bed early - they just have to say " hush; sleep lil Baby or Lady Gaga is gonna Catch ya'" ;-) I'm anxious to know who's gonna make it big in the Music World 'coz We need a Multi-Tasker and not a Dramatist :) for now Hale Lady Gaga and let her climb the ladder on your playlist !!

Mumbai Rain From My Eyes 2010

Mumbai Rains From My Eyes

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote Of The Day : " Ive started to keep my HEART in my hand 'coz i have stopped procrastinating. I have stopped pushing my Luck, I have stopped taking Risks, I've stopped living for Tomorrow and Who cares a damn about the Emancipation of a Teenage Mind 'coz I only listen to my HEARTBEAT :) " ---------- Karan Upadhya.

My Experience/My Gyan By Meghna Doshi

My Experience/My Gyan ~ Fuck the idea, when some one says.......
" I wanna be with you, walk with you "..
Walk alone and see how many wonders you create for yourself and people around you ...
Nothing in life means any good, other than keep walking.!YOURSELF...!!.
If You have a goal.. You need no friend. You need no messenger!
Life and you together shall lead you there...
Just Patience, Believe & Perseverance is what you need!
Don't give up on yourself, let anyone give up on you!
Believe in this ... Everyone outside is fake, Your Pure Soul is the only thing that walks with you ..
Even with the Sting in heart, it will never give up on you. ..!! Cheer's!!
:o) -Miss Tasveer
Follow Miss Tasveer a.k.a Meghna Doshi {MeDo} at http://twitter.com/misstasveer20

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birthday 2010 : Pages From My Diary

Pages From My Diary : The Birthday 2010
- Birthdays are the most anticipated day in the whole year. People usually wait in anxiety, hopes and Plans..... But for me Birthdays are usually filled with curiosity and nervousness .... Curious coz i wanna know what lies in the future n nervous coz the time n years are simply flying away ... For me Birth day is like a flashback, It reminds me of all the Memories from the Vault : Every birthdays i celebrated, People i missed, The things i did, The things i couldn't do, How far have i come, The fun i had etc etc ... Its a roller coaster ride.
This year i had an Ideal birthday. The birthday that i always wanted. Its a rarity that I'm there with my family during my Birthdays, but this year i made it possible. I wanted it to be different, A year where i could control my every move and every action. I was with my Granny, Mother, Sisters, Myles, Baby Love, Cousins, Aunties etc etc. Its the best start i could ever have for the year 2010. Something that i always noticed on my Birthday is that, it always Rains now isnt that amazing !!....
This year My Birthday was all about The Drive, Meeting the people i love, Getting wet in the rain, Eating Pav Bhaji, Cutting my birthday cake and many others things which i shouldnt disclose. Meeting the elders and The Blessings from them is million times better than our usual birthday treats and Parties. I had one of the most amazing birthday this year. I feel strong, and completely revived.
My birthday wishes usually begins from the month of April ... 'coz people aren't sure about the date !!... But i love it .. coz i feel that there are few people who atleast think about me ones and take the effort to text me or send me a birthday wishes. Thanks to all of them. I Also wanna Thank everyone who wished me on my online a.c's : Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, Orkut, Blogger, Sms etc etc these wishes really means alot to me, n thanks for the time.... I will definitely reply everyone personally.
This birthday i said NO to the CLICK CLICK business... we've hardly clicked any pics. At the end i wanna thank everyone GOD, Family, Relatives, Friends and the people who i haven't mentioned here and made my birthday so Special !! You all made me smile ...... :)
.......... More to come !!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote Of The Day : " Stop living in a fuzzy dream, stop dreaming bout pretty people. Stop believing in Pretty Pictures, Stop being Greedy and Tempted, Stop living life in a tiny Bubble .. If you follow all that then you are Really STUPID " ------- karanupadhya

Dog Tag For Myles

- Recently I Brought this beautiful Brass Dog Tag for my most pampered Pup "Myles" .. The guy who made it was so freaking Creative ..... Hats Off to his Art n Creativity .. check the pic >>