Sunday, February 7, 2010

The best thing for the year 2010 ....... Myles

This was the first time that i avoided flash lights on someone ....... the big question, why ?? 'coz its the naive new extension to my family .... he is small, naive and the sweetest thing on earth. Its my new pampered pup ..... it was the best thing for the year 2010 n i must thank my friend who helped me out with this adorable brotha .... " Thank You ". The day i met him we drove him in my car for about 2 - 3 hours ... n that's the time i thought of the name Myles .............. I know, I know; Its an Extra Ordinary name, alien to our ears but i couldn't help it. 'coz the time i saw him i realised that he is a travel freako .... hahaha ... Honestly The way he starred through the car window and ogled at everything in peace was just beautiful .... i enjoyed my first drive with him .... n i knew we almost completed miles till we reached home ... My family went bananas the time they saw him... Later we started to decide on a name [ neva thought that it would be so difficult ] ... We tried everything from Internet, to Newspapers, to Storybooks, Friends Suggestions etc etc, but i couldn't think anything beyond Myles .... I tried searching the meaning for the word Myles and it turned out to be really beautiful ... Myles means a Soldier n its a Latin name ... but within no time his name had many nick names to follow .. which included milo, Mylie, Smiles and the fugly one is Piles eeks ... Something that i noticed about Myles is that he is a spa junkie ... He loves getting massaged everyday and if we don't give him a massage he will come close to us and starts running around and rolling in front of us. something that i couldn't believe myself was that i went for dog shopping .... i bought him everything that was there for puppies including silicon toothbrush ... can u beat that ..... hahaha. You definitely got to meet him ... " Mamujaan if you re reading this then u will surely love this kiddo "....

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