Saturday, February 6, 2010

Piece of my mind via my cellphone

- I Tried writing this post on Face book but then it kept saying " message too long ".... I hate it !! ............. I then realized that i could write this post on my Blog via my Cellphone. Damn!! its a task and Almost Impossible, but i struggled and then eventually I wrote this post on my cellphone while traveling. Honestly I love it 'coz i just had to copy and then paste it from the notes section to the blog post n its really easy n simple ............ I can proudly say that Expensive phones are worth it n i don't repel technology anymore Lol .................... I had to share a piece of my Thought with everyone .... n i had this going on in my head since yonks. I never got a chance to post it 'coz my computer is digging potatoes .. so if any errors etc . correct it yourself................... I realized that few people in this world always beg to differ on anything that happens in the world .... they always think that they are right or correct. They want to be the Mr. Or Mrs. Perfectionist. They Love to be the critic and Sarcasm is their best Buddy. At least once in your life just appreciate someone, be kind, be humble or down to earth 'coz that's what we called humanity. Follow some basic human values n if you still don't Understand it then you definitely need to meet a psychiatrist for a major counseling 'coz we don't live with Wild Animals

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