Monday, February 15, 2010

Rahul Gandhi a Politician or an Actor ?

- I don't have to formally introduce Rahul Gandhi. His name says it all ... He is the son of the youngest prime-minister of India, Mr.Rajiv Gandhi and he is the son of the Gandhi-Nehru family which is the most prominent political family in India. He is the one who all the youth's and the nation looks up too .. He is considered to be the next important senior of the nation. He Travels in economy class. He doesn't have his own car. He rarely makes any pathetic, appalling comments against anyone, Unlike any other politicians. He travels in a local train .... wait a minute .... hell e-ah I'm right!! ... "a local train"............................................. It was such a big hype the day when Rahul Gandhi was about to visit Mumbai .... I was excited to see him as well. I was driving to college early morning when i saw his pics everywhere. I'm not being hypothetical 'coz They had posted his pics everywhere .. from Billboards, banners, news paper articles, T.V ads and they were also distributing Fliers with his large picture of him on it .. those fliers were also seen posted everywhere from the walls of the Malls, Auto-Rickshaws, Buses and infact they didn't even leave the Lavatories......... Honestly Rahul Gandhi motivates every youth, he is an inspiration to everyone. He is the one who everyone is looking forward too, since his father Rajiv Gandhi. He is also the one who can change the whole classic-stereo-typical-political-rules in India. Rahul Gandhi is also considered the most favorite politician in India so by now you should know that I'm also fan of Rahul Gandhi........... But wait a minute ..... I Like Rahul Gandhi as a politician and not an actor!! ... You must be thinking why did i call him an actor?.............. I have got to speak my mind ... I don't think Rahul Gandhi knows anything about Mumbai, Does he? ... My perception about Rahul Gandhi changed since the train traveling incident that happened in Mumbai. It was the time when Rahul Gandhi came to Mumbai after having some verbal fights with the Shiv Sena Leaders ....................................... I definetely agree to what Rahul Gandhi had to explain everyone that: " India belongs to Indians and we are free to work and travel anywhere we like, after all its a democratic country " ...... but i didn't know that he started following the rules of the stereo-typical-melodramatic-politicians ... I mean Rahul Gandhi is always been a Spotlight and the prime personality for every Media channels. Media keeps a track on every move that he does ... but my question is why did he travel by local train ?... " Personality like Rahul Gandhi boarding a crowded train is like the talk of the town ". Doesn't he get enough attention from media and the masses. Everyone in the world knows that Mumbai is the busiest city in India ... every minute or rather every second is important for every Mumbaikars. VVIP like Rahul Gandhi Boarding the local train shook the whole entire train schedule and network. We all Mumbaikars know that Train is like the lifeline of our Busy city. We Mumbaikars depend mostly on public transports rather than our private vehicles and local train is one of the busiest transportation in Mumbai. Hypothetically Local Trains are also called 'The Lifeline' of Mumbai. Its the main mode to commute to work, colleges etc ............. But within those few hours of train travelling by a VVIP like Rahul Gandhi caused a scene and a havoc for around thousands of commuters. Why do you wanna trouble the masses for just one person .... not only Rahul Gandhi but any other politician or VVIP should think twice before they take a step to trouble the commonaires. Have they all forgotten that Commonaires are the one who will vote for you and make you popular [that's what you want right, Fame, Power, Attention n Popularity!!]. I think probably that morning Rahul Gandhi decided that "Oh come on I've got to display my strength and power to the Mumbaikars so its time to throw some Diva Attitude. Lets take the first flight to Mumbai n make the commonaires look like creatures" .... how ridiculous..... !!. Ive got a suggestion for Rahul Gandhi that " you could have taken an auto-rickshaw on the express way Instead of boarding a local Train as there are lot of benefits in it.... like : you wouldn't have troubled the commonaires and you would get the attention you want "............ how cool is that .. Anyway to conclude; Rahul Gandhi is an awesome politician .. maybe this was one of his bad moves ever .. he definitely must have achieved some fan following and found some benefits to chat with the common people .. but he could find many more easier and hassle free alternatives .... hope the train traveling incident was the last mistake Rahul Gandhi will ever take, HOPEFULLY.... for now lets wait for his next hassle free visit to Mumbai .....

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