Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Built Im For Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

- I have never written anything about the cellphone that i use ... so basically I use Nokia 5800 xpressmusic symbian cellphone n honestly I've discovered so many things in this smart phone that everyday i see and find something new.....
In this post I'm not gonna talk anything about its features, its looks etc ..... but in fact i will post few things which i don't think many of the Nokia 5800 xpress music owners are aware about. After you read these post you will definitely feel proud of yourself coz you bought a phone like Nokia 5800 Xpress Music ....
Today i will start with the inbuilt IM { instant messenger application } in our cellphone
Do you guys even know we can use yahoo messenger in our cellphone without downloading any application ..... as the IM application is inbuilt.
To check the Im application in our phone you need to click :
Click "IM".
then go to SERVERS,
now in the server name enter : [ exactly the same format]
then choose your ACCESS POINT IN USE : eg {vodafone mobile connect or vodafone live in India}
then enter the WEB ADDRESS : [ exactly the same format ].
then enter your YAHOO USER ID N PASSWORD n click BACK.
Check the DEFAULT SERVER and choose
and click LOGIN.
P.S. btw something which most of the website doesn't say is change your DEFAULT SAVING MEMORY to E:MEMORY CARD.
after LOGIN the smart phone will do everything by itself
Hope this was useful and wait for another post about NOKIA 5800 xpress music.
I've just configured my the Nokia 5800 xpress music IM app included on the handset with these settings & it works great! Enjoy.... (From
Lemme know if you like it and wait for the next post for NOKIA 5800 XPRESS MUSIC :)


- Before you read this i need to say that im really not good at writting poems. This is a really old poem which i didnt post ever, but i think its high time for Love Destruction to go Live!! ... and please do not relate this to anything or anyone as this is a complete Fiction. ;)
Life takes you through many long ways,
Ups & downs & sometimes to the wrong place.
Feelings for a person so close that breaks, like the precious diamond crushed on a silver plate
Trust & Love now that i Hate as i feel like its completely Fake.
I will love you as i always do,
but understand the way i want it to.
The love i have was only for you & i know that you wanted the same as i do.
But now it looks like the life has turned so bizarre,
'Coz people like you really don't understand who they are.
I know you have turned crazy for someone else,
and your life will go in searching for him in different cells.
From now i don't want to think about you anymore.
Your mails, your calls, your talks is what i will choose to ignore.
The only reason is 'coz retards like you can live as someones whore.
In fact you can even marry a wild-bore.
I believe your life is THE-END.
and i know very soon you will repent,
since you can fall in love with any Tom, Dick, Chicken or Hen.
I can never hate love even after what I've been through,
but remember something, destroying someones love is the biggest sin one can ever do.
Its time for me to move on,
coz believe me there are many more lovely fishes in the pond.
Someday when we accidentally meet,
don't hide your trembling feet,
after all you will remember the past when you will see me and my girlfriend dancing to those passionate love beat.
---------- Karan Upadhya

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Album Cover : Love?

- I made this Album Cover for JLo a.k.a Jennifer Lopez's Upcoming Album; Love? .... There are more pics to come.... lemme know if you like this. - if incase youre hungry for more, do check this website, it has some many more Fan-Made Album cover for various different Artists. click here ....

Time To Turn Kaleidoscopic

Time To Turn Kaleidoscopic

Exam Paper of the Upcoming Novelist

[ Pages From My Diary ]

- Sometimes When we write our exam paper we tend to get extremely tensed, stressed, curious and exhausted..... but for me writing exam papers is like getting sucked in a black hole .. Its an enigmatic Black Hole. Its a psychedelic feeling where i have no control on my brains n i have proofs. Everyone keep saying that just try and make your answers look long they even say " One Answer should be At least 3 pages, so write whatever you feel like " With that intention i started writing my answers ... which ended up some what like this

This says Writers which Really Didn't Exist : If these writer didn't really exist then why the hell did i write about them... Ha !!

This says Writers are not worth reading [ here it looks like Ive written my mind ], Writers often wrote easy English and something that we could understand : [ probably this is the first time i ever understood my college textbook as the writer used easy English and i could understand his concept n theories ]

and then the grand ending ..... I'm happy here coz At least my professor realised that I'm a passionate writer and a upcoming novelist ..... check what she had to write on my answer paper .....hahaha

- And At the end Can you believe i didn't fail :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote Of The Day :
"Good and Bad are two opposite sides of the Coin. Its on the other person to which side he wants to flip .. I Hope he doesnt try tossing it."
---------- Karan Upadhya.

YouTube Music Video : Twilight In Hindi

- I haven't posted any video for ages so This time i thought why not create a video for my Hindi Listeners and lovers and so here it is .......... I thought the Indian Republic Day is the best day to post this video on YouTube .... Have you ever imagined Twilight in Hindi ? .. if not then here it is ... check the video and lemme know if you like it ... Ur comments will be appreciated .............. I didn't promote this video at all unlike the other music videos that i posted earlier, so i think i should start promoting this video all over again. Make this video a Hit guys ...... Do check my you tube channel .. my music blog , and follow me on Twitter :

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote Of The Day :
Money, attitude and ego are like undergarments. You should have them, but should not show them.
------------------- Vijaya Laxmi

Monday, March 15, 2010

Automall 2010

I didnt really enjoy the AutoMall 2010 that was held at Bandra-Kurla Complex Mumbai. The Auto Show didnt really match my Hopes & Thoughts. Automall 2010 had The same common cars that we all see running on the roads in our daily life ... cars from Skoda, Volvo, B.M.W, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota Etc and common bikes like Yamaha, Honda, Kinectic etc were displayed {What a waste of money}. The only cars which was the star attraction were the invention from the VJTI students, WW's Suv Tuareg and The luxury Phantom and yeah how could i forget the Vintage Cars, as they were absolutely superb !! ..... From the Automall 2010 I expected to see some awesome Hybrid & Concept cars. I was also hoping that they would sell those fancy, rare car decorative items and accessories but something that really surprised my friend and me was the Water pipes .. hell yeah they sold water pipes,.... can you believe it, they sold Water Pipes for gardens and taps and stuffs at The Automall2010....... errgghhhh !! Anyway I enjoyed the company of my Friend, that was such a relief .. Do check the pics from the Automall 2010 and there are more to come ...... >>>>>

Who I Are ? by Sher-Man

Who I Are ?
Sometimes i wonder who I are,
Trying to figure How did i get so far,
I never expected that it would come to this day,
Wondering what was my role to play,
As i prepare to write this note,
I can see my soul sail away along the waves as it float,
Feeling lost i ask, Why am i here in this unknown scenery,
Am i in a place i am not meant to be,
Is a question buzzing in my head,
Doesn't seem to let go even when i crash to the bed,
So many people around u and non seem to understand,
It makes no difference no mater who holds your hand,
Time to leave may be near,
But there seems to be no tear or fear,
As the devil wraps my spirit in his burning coat,
I pen down my last note,
Everything comes with a heavy cost,
Its not everyday that you find THE LOST!
------------------------ Sherman Fernandes
Show some love to my creative friend Sher-Man ..... n friends make him feel special !!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oscar Awards 2010

So alas the Oscars a.k.a the Academy Awards of 2010 is over... as we all know its the biggest award ceremony in the world of entertainment. You can see all the glitz, the gossips, the fashion, the drama and the glamour under one roof. Oscar is one of the biggest award ceremony in the entertainment history. You get to see most of the stars from all around the world walking down the red carpet and clicking pics with the other Celebrities. This is an elaborate extravaganza, with the invited guests walking up the red carpet in the creations of the most prominent fashion designers of the day. This years Oscars was a Lil different & Dramatic coz we got to see Teenage stars walk the red carpet along with the A-Lister. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac efron and many more walked the red carpet and were also the presenters for the night. The Oscars is even all about Fashion and Fashion Faux pas n who wouldn't mind seeing super hot celebrities like JLo, Angelina Jolie, Halley Berry, Sandra Bullock, and many more in their hot designer numbers. The 82nd Oscar awards was a big night of surprises as The Hurt Locker took home a total of Six Academy Awards when everyone expected Avatar to win. The Hurt Locker is a war-epic drama that blew away audiences worldwide and also shook the 82nd Academy Awards celebration. Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, is the Ex-wife of James Cameron’s; How could we forget that James Cameron is the director of the most hyped movie The Avatar and the Academy Awards best, record breaking, chart topping, historic movie Titanic. Kathryn Bigelow took home the Best Director Academy Award, also winning for Best Picture. She seemed shocked over her double-win, dedicating her shiny Oscar to her cast and crew, and also those people who risk their lives everyday serving the United States. The Hurt Locker took home a total of six Academy Awards................... but there were a lot of misses during the 82nd Oscars : Firstly Actress Farrah Fawcett was not included in the Oscars In Memoriam segment because she was better known as a TV star. That's so lame. Where was the Power Horse couple brangelina during Oscars. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are like THE STAR of Any event and sadly they were gone missing. That even Includes Rob Pattinson as he didn't attend the Oscars, but his Girlfriend Kristien Stewart was found with her yes, no, maybe on-screen boyfriend Taylor Lautner from the Hit romantic movie twilight. In this whole Oscar event i just had one question playing in my mind ... why didn't they invite stars like Frieda Pinto, Dev Patel and celebrities who were previously nominated for the Oscars. It is said that the Academy Awards is the only event where you get to see all the Stars from around the world, but i think i disagree.... Probably it must be 'coz they were not in the nomination category....... anyway if anyone has an answer to this do post it on the comment box ............ In the list of my top 5 favourite Dressed celebrities on 82nd Oscar awards are : ............................. 1) Jennifer Lopez : she is like the veteran, the queenbee of the Red Carpet. She looked like some Runaway Bride who lost her way and reached the Oscars. Her bubble wrapped dressed looked stunning on the singer/actress/dancer/fashion designer/producer; she must have taken at least 3 seats to make herself comfortable ........ mmmhhh but did you know that Amanda Seyfried wore the same Armani Purvie outfit on the same event and didn't look all that good...... We can never compare someone like Amanda the anonymous with Jennifer Lopez the diva, the superstar, the A-Lister and the goddess of Fashion Lol..................................... 2) Sandra Bullock looked awesome in that metal shield looking gown which screamed [ I'M SAFE IN IT ] .. she looked as if she was going for a war. probably she wore the armour shield to stay away from papparazis .... but her straight figure and her hooker colored lipstick made her Skin look Pale..................................... 3) Kate Winslet like always looked perfect in her monotonous double shaded metallic gown but i think she has gone through a lot of cosmetic surgery and botox treatment coz she looks different, yet stunningly beautiful. I love her Hairstyle and she looked like a mannequin from the designer showroom................................. 4) Kristen Stewart the tiny tot actress from the hit movie Twilight looked beautiful in her midnight blue colored gown. She was so twilighty, but her expressions in most of the pictures spoke her mind.... coz she was sooo lost. She probably wanted Rob Pattinson to surprise her and attend the Oscar's with her...................................... 5) I loved Anna Kendrick i know you guys really don't know her as she isn't the A-Listed celebrity or all that famous but She is the actress from the movie Up in the Air. She looked classic and fragile in that nude color shakespearen dress. Perfect for her smooth n babysoft skin.................................... My Top 5 Worst Dress List during Oscars are : ............ 1) OK who should i choose here Victoria Beckham or Sarah-Jessica Parker. I think they both were sleep walking at the Oscar awards 'coz they wore their night Gowns to the Oscars and looked SLEEPY. They had no expression on their oval bee looking face .... Both looked ridiculous and weird. Victoria wore her own Designer label ... god bless the people who buy her design whereas sarah wore Chanel probably from their night suit collection........................... 2) Charlize Theron .... what should i tell 'coz those two dead flowers cum pom poms on her bust says it all ... i can only say What the hell was she thinking.. the color of her dress is so dead and gone typo es................. 3) Zoe Saldana is a beautiful actress from the hyped movie Avatar but what made her choose this mourning purple colored gown. The dress looked as if it cried for mercy. Zoe reminded me of Bjork and Cher. She probably cant get over the Avatar costume or maybe in the world of Avatar the ladies wore Gowns like what Zoe wore for the Oscar's.................................... 4) Mariah Carey & Carey Mulligan. both share a common name and both share the same spot ... Mariah Carey looked like the wannabe grand mama who always try her best to show her fake breast and shrunken derriere ..... her dress was exploding or i think maybe the dress suddenly started shrinking while she walked down the red carpet 'coz the fairy grandmother didn't tell her the expiry date of the half dress half gown looking strip of cloth. Whereas Carey Mulligan's half dress , half gown looking black dress probably had magnetic powers .. coz her dress had some cutlery, weird metal pieces and buttons wrongly sown on her bust.... she must have used the same cutlery's to eat her dinner, I'm proud of you Carey coz Ur so Hygienic................................. 5) Vera Farmiga & Mylie Cyrus share the same spot ... to start with Vera Farmiga looked like a massively huge walking Flower.... her maroon flowers looked as if they were bleeding ..... i wonder how she must have walked in it. Mylie Cyrus the teenage wannabe couldn't hide the secret behind her gown .. I'm sure she wanted to try a fierce punk rock look so she collected some of the old items from her mansion........ To start with she took two soup bowls and stuck it to her amateur chest cum breast and then she decided to cut her grandmothers prom dress and attach it to the two soup bowls with the most expensive adhesive and tadaaaahhh there is Mylie's New Oscar Frown sorry Gown.................................... ................................... the pictures below are the mixture of the Oscar's Red Carpet and the Vanity Fair event. The Best Dressed ...... ............................................. The Worst Dressed ..............................