Monday, March 15, 2010

Automall 2010

I didnt really enjoy the AutoMall 2010 that was held at Bandra-Kurla Complex Mumbai. The Auto Show didnt really match my Hopes & Thoughts. Automall 2010 had The same common cars that we all see running on the roads in our daily life ... cars from Skoda, Volvo, B.M.W, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota Etc and common bikes like Yamaha, Honda, Kinectic etc were displayed {What a waste of money}. The only cars which was the star attraction were the invention from the VJTI students, WW's Suv Tuareg and The luxury Phantom and yeah how could i forget the Vintage Cars, as they were absolutely superb !! ..... From the Automall 2010 I expected to see some awesome Hybrid & Concept cars. I was also hoping that they would sell those fancy, rare car decorative items and accessories but something that really surprised my friend and me was the Water pipes .. hell yeah they sold water pipes,.... can you believe it, they sold Water Pipes for gardens and taps and stuffs at The Automall2010....... errgghhhh !! Anyway I enjoyed the company of my Friend, that was such a relief .. Do check the pics from the Automall 2010 and there are more to come ...... >>>>>

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