Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exam Paper of the Upcoming Novelist

[ Pages From My Diary ]

- Sometimes When we write our exam paper we tend to get extremely tensed, stressed, curious and exhausted..... but for me writing exam papers is like getting sucked in a black hole .. Its an enigmatic Black Hole. Its a psychedelic feeling where i have no control on my brains n i have proofs. Everyone keep saying that just try and make your answers look long they even say " One Answer should be At least 3 pages, so write whatever you feel like " With that intention i started writing my answers ... which ended up some what like this

This says Writers which Really Didn't Exist : If these writer didn't really exist then why the hell did i write about them... Ha !!

This says Writers are not worth reading [ here it looks like Ive written my mind ], Writers often wrote easy English and something that we could understand : [ probably this is the first time i ever understood my college textbook as the writer used easy English and i could understand his concept n theories ]

and then the grand ending ..... I'm happy here coz At least my professor realised that I'm a passionate writer and a upcoming novelist ..... check what she had to write on my answer paper .....hahaha

- And At the end Can you believe i didn't fail :)

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