Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Built Im For Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

- I have never written anything about the cellphone that i use ... so basically I use Nokia 5800 xpressmusic symbian cellphone n honestly I've discovered so many things in this smart phone that everyday i see and find something new.....
In this post I'm not gonna talk anything about its features, its looks etc ..... but in fact i will post few things which i don't think many of the Nokia 5800 xpress music owners are aware about. After you read these post you will definitely feel proud of yourself coz you bought a phone like Nokia 5800 Xpress Music ....
Today i will start with the inbuilt IM { instant messenger application } in our cellphone
Do you guys even know we can use yahoo messenger in our cellphone without downloading any application ..... as the IM application is inbuilt.
To check the Im application in our phone you need to click :
Click "IM".
then go to SERVERS,
now in the server name enter : [ exactly the same format]
then choose your ACCESS POINT IN USE : eg {vodafone mobile connect or vodafone live in India}
then enter the WEB ADDRESS : [ exactly the same format ].
then enter your YAHOO USER ID N PASSWORD n click BACK.
Check the DEFAULT SERVER and choose
and click LOGIN.
P.S. btw something which most of the website doesn't say is change your DEFAULT SAVING MEMORY to E:MEMORY CARD.
after LOGIN the smart phone will do everything by itself
Hope this was useful and wait for another post about NOKIA 5800 xpress music.
I've just configured my the Nokia 5800 xpress music IM app included on the handset with these settings & it works great! Enjoy.... (From
Lemme know if you like it and wait for the next post for NOKIA 5800 XPRESS MUSIC :)

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