Sunday, March 28, 2010


- Before you read this i need to say that im really not good at writting poems. This is a really old poem which i didnt post ever, but i think its high time for Love Destruction to go Live!! ... and please do not relate this to anything or anyone as this is a complete Fiction. ;)
Life takes you through many long ways,
Ups & downs & sometimes to the wrong place.
Feelings for a person so close that breaks, like the precious diamond crushed on a silver plate
Trust & Love now that i Hate as i feel like its completely Fake.
I will love you as i always do,
but understand the way i want it to.
The love i have was only for you & i know that you wanted the same as i do.
But now it looks like the life has turned so bizarre,
'Coz people like you really don't understand who they are.
I know you have turned crazy for someone else,
and your life will go in searching for him in different cells.
From now i don't want to think about you anymore.
Your mails, your calls, your talks is what i will choose to ignore.
The only reason is 'coz retards like you can live as someones whore.
In fact you can even marry a wild-bore.
I believe your life is THE-END.
and i know very soon you will repent,
since you can fall in love with any Tom, Dick, Chicken or Hen.
I can never hate love even after what I've been through,
but remember something, destroying someones love is the biggest sin one can ever do.
Its time for me to move on,
coz believe me there are many more lovely fishes in the pond.
Someday when we accidentally meet,
don't hide your trembling feet,
after all you will remember the past when you will see me and my girlfriend dancing to those passionate love beat.
---------- Karan Upadhya

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