Monday, March 15, 2010

Who I Are ? by Sher-Man

Who I Are ?
Sometimes i wonder who I are,
Trying to figure How did i get so far,
I never expected that it would come to this day,
Wondering what was my role to play,
As i prepare to write this note,
I can see my soul sail away along the waves as it float,
Feeling lost i ask, Why am i here in this unknown scenery,
Am i in a place i am not meant to be,
Is a question buzzing in my head,
Doesn't seem to let go even when i crash to the bed,
So many people around u and non seem to understand,
It makes no difference no mater who holds your hand,
Time to leave may be near,
But there seems to be no tear or fear,
As the devil wraps my spirit in his burning coat,
I pen down my last note,
Everything comes with a heavy cost,
Its not everyday that you find THE LOST!
------------------------ Sherman Fernandes
Show some love to my creative friend Sher-Man ..... n friends make him feel special !!

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